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White cardboard boxes

Kate Wright
Kate Wright | 5 min read

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White cardboard boxes work perfectly as eco packagings. Their uniqueness is amplified by a black print on the box with an assigned function – shipping or sales.

Our platform includes a free creator for white cardboard boxes and more. The multimedia creator allows to take advantage of the white cardboard in an interesting way. With its unique design, such a creative white box will attract more individual clients as well as private representatives of large and small companies. So, taking advantage of the intuitive creator, in just a few easy steps you will design a white cardboard box which you can use for shipping or selling.

White cardboard boxes for products

Packhelp’s offer includes for example stylized Eco White boxes which are made from cardboard with whitened walls. White cardboard boxes work perfectly as boxes with a simple logo or a simple image. These boxes are made from corrugated cardboard. The material from which the boxes are created is selected in such a way as to ensure the best possible protection, low weight, and product safety.

With our help you will safely pack your products in cardboard boxes, which have not only an exclusive design, but also stand out among other packagings. There are twelve sizes available with their prices starting from €0.50.

White shipping cardboard boxes

An advantage of white shipping boxes is their 3-layer corrugated cardboard. Thanks to it the shipment is safely delivered to the client. With white boxes it is possible to send clothes, or even books. Large boxes make it possible to safely ship many orders at once. Additionally, shipping even big batches of boxes is free for all EU orders.

The cost-effectiveness of white cardboard boxes

White cardboard boxes constitute one of the cheaper packaging options included in Packhelp’s offer. They are aimed for people who value simplicity of design and efficiency. The white cardboard and black inscription on the box emphasize the information for the clients, for example make the contact data and company logo visible. Apart from that, the boxes are light, shock-resistant, and easy to open.


Through our website, taking advantage of the online creator, you will individually design white cardboard boxes which will perfectly fit your company and more. Do not worry that something won’t go as planned. Our online app will help you to go through the entire process from designing to placing an order. The only thing you have to do is to devote a few minutes of your time. Online support is also constantly available, so we can always help. White cardboard boxes will surely be the number one of the packaging industry in the future, acting as its leader.


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