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Advent Calendar Box

Custom advent calendar boxes with multiple box designs, materials and finishes – a modern take on a Christmas classic.
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Minimum 1500 pieces.
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Full customization
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Full customization

Huge choice of layouts, sizes, lids & finishes.
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Gift packaging like no other
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Gift packaging like no other

Perfect for product gift sets and staff/corporate gifts.
3 box designs

3 box designs

Cardboard and rigid box styles to choose from.

Cardboard Advent Calendar Box

An advent calendar with a nifty fill-your-own design. Insert your goods onto the shelves, slide over the sleeve, close the lid and let the magic begin. Plus:

☑️ Sturdy cardboard frame and shelf inserts with a cardstock sleeve for windows & lid

☑️ High-quality offset printing, inside and out

☑️ Hot-stamping, embossing/debossing & other finishes available

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Rigid Advent Calendar Box

A premium rigid box holding a set of individual gift boxes, all finished with a magnetic lid for the complete wow effect. Also available with a standup design. Plus:

☑️ Solid board frame with a choice of paper veneers & types of lids

☑️ High-quality offset printing, inside and out.

☑️ Hot-stamping, debossing, UV varnishing & other finishes available

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Depends on the box design
Material colour
Standard White
Natural Kraft
Natural white
Depends on the box design
Colour options
Printing process
hot-stamping, embossing/debossing, UV varnishing
Cardboard box
Corrugated cardboard (3E – 360-380gsm) & cardstock (300gsm) in sleeves
Rigid box with drawer boxes
Solid cardboard (1-3 mm) & cardstock (300gsm) in drawer boxes
Stand-up rigid box
Solid cardboard (1-3 mm)

The main differences relate to construction design and materials. You have three main box designs to choose from with a range of customizable features. They include:

  • Cardboard advent calendar box: This is a versatile and cost-effective advent calendar box style. It’s like an oversized version of the classic chocolate advent calendar. The frame and shelf inserts are made from sturdy corrugated cardboard. The structure is wrapped by a cardstock sleeve, which is used for the lid and the tearable calendar windows. Just put in your goods and slide the sleeve over the top of the empty advent calendar box. This is the layer for your design, which can be printed in full-colour (CMYK) on both sides using high-quality offset printing. You also have a choice of finishes: hot-stamping, embossing/debossing, hot-stamping, UV varnishing and lamination.
  • Rigid calendar box with drawer boxes: This is an advent calendar box made from premium materials and is designed to be laid flat. The reason being is that this calendar box contains removable cardstock drawer boxes. You can choose many layouts for these boxes, depending on the number you would like – e.g., 24 or 12 days. These boxes are held in by a solid board frame wrapped with a choice of paper veneers (e.g., chalk, kraft or mass-dyed paper). This layer can be printed in full-colour with up to four colours (CMYK). Your choice of finishes includes: hot-stamping, debossing, hot-stamping, UV varnishing and lamination. You can choose either a two-piece or magnetic lid. 
  • Stand-up rigid calendar box: This box is similar to the other rigid box calendar in terms of materials, finishes, printing and lids. Except it has a vertical display and shelf inserts instead of individual cardstock boxes. TIP: you can also add boxes. The shelf insert is made from strong corrugated cardboard.

Don’t worry, our packaging experts can take you through all your options during the quoting process.

With three different box designs and flexible sizing, you have a lot of options with these advent calendar boxes. Advent calendar boxes have become a really popular form of gift packaging. They work well for seasonal product gift sets as well as corporate and staff gifts. They’re designed to present a collection of smaller items: chocolates, sweets, other packaged food, candles, oils, bottles of spirits, personal care products, jewellery, ties, socks, underwear or any other compact item.

Not by default. The cardstock, corrugated cardboard and solid board used in these advent calendar boxes are not certified to have direct contact with food. As an add-on, your cardstock boxes can be laminated with a special food-safe foil. It’s the same process as we sometimes use for our Cake Boxes and other types of food packaging. But advent calendar boxes are usually used for packaged food where a wrapper separates the food from the base material.

It depends on the box design and materials you choose. The structure of the cardboard advent calendar box is made from sturdy 3-layer E flute corrugated cardboard (ca. 2mm or 380gsm). But if you have particularly heavy items, we can also make them from heavier stock, from 3-layer B flute or even 5-layer A flute corrugated cardboard. The rigid boxes are made from solid board with a thickness of 1-3 mm. Our packaging experts can find the best materials to match the dimensions and weight of your goods. Just reach out during the quoting process.

There are standard sizes for each box design, but sizing can also be customizable depending on your needs. The standard sizes (inside dimensions) are:

  • Cardboard advent calendar box: 220 x 298 x 98 mm 
  • Rigid calendar box with drawer boxes: 360 x 242 x 42 mm. As a guide, it will fit 24 drawer boxes at 60 x 40 x 60 mm with a layout of four rows and six columns. 
  • Stand-up rigid calendar box: 259 x 389 x 42 mm. As a guide, it will fit 24 drawer boxes at 60 x 40 x 60 mm each. That’s based on a layout of four rows and six columns. Note: there is only one layout option for the shelf inserts. 

Don’t worry, our packaging experts can take you through sizing and your layout options during the quoting process.

No, we wouldn’t recommend it. These boxes are designed to be presentation boxes or gift packaging. TIP: you can ship these boxes by combining them with shipping packaging customized to the size of your advent calendar boxes, like our Corrugated Mailer Box or the Shipping Box.

Our cardboard advent calendar boxes are delivered flat and pre-glued. The rigid calendar boxes are delivered assembled with the option of having your drawer boxes and shelf inserts come flat or assembled. Our packaging experts will provide more delivery information during the quoting process.

You can order your custom advent calendar boxes from 1500 pieces.

We are constantly growing our range of products. For more seasonal packaging ideas, head to our Holidays guide here. You can also try our selection of packaging we recommend for the Christmas season.

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