Building a Responsible Supply Chain

We’re working to minimise the environmental impact of our packaging products through education and collaboration with our network of suppliers.


We’ve built an effective supply chain that caters to every packaging need across the entire continent.


We vet against clearly-defined criteria and ask each supplier to sign our Code of Conduct.


We ensure consistent high quality through frequent visits, and when necessary, third-party audits.

Our Approach: Growing together

Together with our suppliers, we grow and improve as we continue to work in a more socially and environmentally responsible way. And, by working solely with producers based in Europe, we minimise carbon emissions from transportation and help support local economies.

Supplier Code of Conduct

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We want to make sure that we only work with partners who share the same values as we do, so we’ve put together a Supplier Code of Conduct. 

This document sets clear expectations for responsible packaging production. It contains minimum and non-negotiable standards in the areas of human rights, labor practices, environmental management, and governance for any company doing business with Packhelp.

All of our suppliers are expected to minimise their negative impact on the environment and to maximise their positive impact on people and communities.

Supplier Sustainability Assessment

Step 1: Assessing different ESG metrics

Using a detailed questionnaire, we carefully analyse 25 environmental, social and governance-based metrics.

Step 2: Supplier benchmarking

We compare how suppliers are performing in different areas against our entire network with full transparency.

Step 3: Sharing performance feedback

We highlight well-performing areas and areas where improvement is needed with an in-depth report.

Step 4: Preparing a development plan

Working together, we develop a Supplier Development Plan – a tailor-made roadmap to improve supplier sustainability.

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