Designer Packaging: Oase


Ever come across packaging that could be described as sexy? We have.

Meet OASE, a hair vitamins brand from The Netherlands, who created their own luxurious, custom packaging with the help of Packhelp.

oase custom rigid boxes

The Oase Story

OASE is a revolutionary, vegan hair supplement. Providing all the essential nutrients for healthier, longer and better-looking hair.

After running another e-commerce store for hair supplies, Oase founder Justin Regteschot noticed that people were mostly interested in finding solutions for hair loss, dandruff and damaged hair. He founded Oase Hair supplements to answer the call.

“I wanted to make the perfect supplement that would eliminate all these problems."

Oases vitamins come in the form of soft, chewable blackcurrant flavour gummy sweets, that don't get stuck to your teeth. They're made of 100% natural ingredients.

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Such a unique product needed to have packaging that helped them stand out. OASE turned to Packhelp.


Designer Packaging

When Oase came to Packhelp, they were looking for packaging that encapsulated their brand image. As an online brand, this was crucial. The packaging they designed would be their first physical point of contact with customers.

“We wanted something that looked luxurious and that reflected what our gummies (vitamins) were all about."

Oase's unique product demanded some special attention. Packhelp sales and production teams were on hand to provide Oase with what they needed.  

The collaboration of the two companies led to amazing results. A luxury rigid box showcasing Oase hair vitamins as a classy, desirable product.

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oase hair vitamins product

Luxury Packaging that's made-for-purpose

Oase needed to design two types of high-end packaging; product packaging and shipping packaging.

“I was lucky to find Packhelp, who made the perfect packaging for our bottles."

For shipping packaging, they opted for Packhelp’s Eco White Mailer Boxes with a simple and minimalist design. The brand’s logo is showcased on the top of the box in black water-based ink.

Upon opening the box, you find the brand’s Instagram handle printed on the inside. It’s a smart thing to do, persuading people to share their unboxing experience on social media.

Oase also include a thank you card for every customer. Small details that add to the overall customer experience.

Everything within the box is well designed - it’s modern, with mellow tone colours. It's simplistic but effective.

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Promoting the unboxing Experience

So good was the final product, that Packhelp even made a promotional video specifically to show off OASE and its packaging. Check out the unboxing video below:

The hair vitamins come perfectly packed in tailor-made soft pink rigid boxes. Made from sturdy rigid cardboard. They are perfect to showcase products in a very elegant light.

Chalk paper lamination finishes were added to give it that soft and elegant feel to touch. In the soft pink colour, the box soft, delicate, elegant, and strong- just like healthy hair should be.

When it came to the design, Oase stays faithful to its branding by keeping it simple. The signature pink is on show, as is the brand's logo- front and centre. Printed with embossing, giving it a soft texture.

Oase elegantly added their unique product's features, with symbols representing vegan, halal, and Swiss technological manufacturing. Inside, the bottle is secured with a custom insert.

oase gummy bottle inside a custom insert


Packhelp's collaboration with Oase resulted in some classy, sophisticated packaging that did exactly what Oase had hoped for. A unique design, for a unique product.

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