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A full range of retail and postal packaging boxes, custom and unprinted, suitable for various industries.

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How eco-friendly are these mailing boxes?

Our selection of mailing boxes is extensive, making it difficult to sum up their environmental impact in just a few words. However, we can guarantee that all of our mailing boxes are made from corrugated cardboard containing at least 60% recycled content and are FSC® certified, meaning that the paper pulp is sourced from responsibly managed forests and mills. If the cardboard is not finished with plastic lamination, it can be recycled, biodegraded, and industrially composted. To learn more about the eco properties of each packaging product, simply visit the product page.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the eco properties of our packaging here.

How many mailing boxes do I need to order to get a custom print?

With Packhelp, you can customize your mailing boxes with professional prints starting at just 30 pieces per order, making it easy to test the waters. For more customized options, like the Double-Sided Mailer Box, the minimum order quantity is 1500 pieces.

Does the price include the cost of my design (logo and graphics)?

The cost of printing your designs is included in the pricing, but keep in mind that custom printing options and finishes like hot-stamping or embossing/debossing are not included. These customizations typically require a minimum order of 1500 boxes.

How do delivery times vary for standard versus customised mailer boxes?

Unprinted mailer boxes are available in our warehouse for immediate dispatch. Delivery can be as swift as the next day across most UK areas. Should you require custom printing, the process is efficient. With Packhelp’s express services, orders can be dispatched in just three days. Ensure your packaging aligns with your brand’s quality and message.

What are the typical price ranges for bulk orders of mailer boxes?

The cost of our mailer boxes is determined by factors such as size, customisation, quantity, and more. For reference, an order of 1500 standard-sized, unprinted mailer boxes (FEFCO427) is priced around £2300, equating to £1.53 each.

How can small businesses ensure their mailer boxes are compliant with postal regulations?

Packhelp offers a range of Postal boxes designed specifically to meet the dimensions set by Royal Mail and prevalent courier companies. By opting for these pre-sized boxes, businesses can confidently dispatch their goods, knowing they comply with industry standards. Primary postal and courier services will accept them without issue.

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