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Book Mailer

Easy-fold mailers and book wraps with custom prints and sizing. Wrap, seal and safely ship books, photo frames/albums and more. 90% recycled content!
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Minimum 1500 pieces.
Eco shipping

Eco shipping

90% recycled cardboard and fully recyclable after removal of adhesive strip.
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Easy wrap assembly
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Easy wrap assembly

Pre-scored seams, adjustable book holder and self-adhesive tear open strip.
Safe postage

Safe postage

Triple-layer corrugated cardboard, from 360 to 480gsm.

Wrap, seal and ship

No taping required. The two-fold wrap system and peel-and-seal strip make shipping super quick. Add in custom sizing and they become the perfect easy fold mailers for larger books, photo frames/albums, notepads, vinyl records and more.

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Stay on brand & stick to your eco mission

Boost brand awareness with custom prints using water-based ink. Both the natural white and grey cardboard is made from recycled & certified pulp. Remove the adhesive tear open strip and these book wraps are fully recyclable. FSC certification available.

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Sample packs

Sample packs

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What can I ship in these mailers?

Don’t be misled by the name. With custom sizing and the adjustable internal holder, these book wraps will also securely deliver vinyls, video games, DVDs, Blue-rays, CDs and of course, books of all sizes.

Are they easy to fold?

You betcha. Just place the book in the centre of the adjustable holder, close the holder flaps, fold the main side flaps and seal with the self-adhesive strip. That’s it. No taping required.

Can I print on these book mailers?

Yep. The standard printing option for these mailers is flexographic printing in black. But as an add-on, there is also a possibility to print your book-wrap mailers in multiple colours or even full colour. Just reach out during the quoting process and our packaging experts can take you through your printing options.

Are there any standard sizes for these book wraps?

Nope. Sizing is fully customizable. Just supply your desired dimensions during the quoting process and our packaging experts will take care of the rest. Tip: if you’re using Royal Mail to post your goods in the UK, keep in mind that the max size for a Large Letter is L 35.3 x W 25 x T 2.5 cm and L 45 x W 35 x T 16 cm for a Small Parcel. In this case, the best sizes at Packhelp are:

  • Royal Mail Large Letter = F46 L 19.4 x W 24.5 x T 2.2cm
  • Royal Mail Small Parcel = F93 L 33.9 x W 44 x T 15.9cm

→Find out more about Royal Mail specifications here.

What’s the minimum order quantity?

You can order your easy-fold mailers from 1500 pieces.

How eco-friendly are they?

The cardboard of these mailers is made from a mix of 90% recycled content and 10% certified wood pulp. The whole box is recyclable and biodegradable after removing the adhesive tear strip. Only water-based inks are used. Plus, your book-wrap mailers will be locally fabricated in Europe to minimise the carbon footprint of the distribution chain. Learn more about the eco properties of our packaging here.

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