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We’re here to keep your costs low and your satisfaction high when shopping custom packaging.

We find your best price

We negotiate with our vetted suppliers for you and source the most attractive offer so you spend less on your packaging. Plus get expert advice on improving the design and material use for your packaging, as well as optimised SKUs.

Buy now, pay later flexibility

Order packaging now and pay once your customers pay you. With deferred payments, you can stock up on packaging and lock in your low price. And, thanks to our integrated warehousing, we’ll store the extras and send more packaging whenever you need it.

A range of products ready to go

Enjoy express delivery for business essentials like boxes, bags, and packaging accessories, with many items arriving in as little as 72 hours. We share the estimated delivery date for every order to make planning easy, too.

Why choose Packhelp?

Discover the world’s leading packaging platform and the possibilities it offers:

Standard Supplier
Flexible payment terms available for every order
Offer scouting among a network of suppliers
Wide product range and tech support
Instant quoting or within 24hours for custom briefs
Full transparency and sustainable scorecards
Complimentary advisory on packaging

What our clients are saying

“We decided to purchase a large amount of packaging from Packhelp. However, as our office space is limited, we decided to receive half now and the rest in Packhelp affordable warehousing option and receive our packaging in a matter of days as soon as we need it. ”

“Before we found Packhelp, our first experiences with packaging producers were rather unsatisfying. Initially we considered buying customized packaging with a die-line, however the costs were too big for the company launch. It would really negatively affect our development in other areas of the business.”

“We really appreciate Packhelp’s complete solution. Fast handling with clear time lines along with flexibility in customization and wide range of products allows us to expand our range of packaging, for both standard and special product.”

“Packhelp has supported our growth with bespoke packaging solutions and exceptional customer service. Highly recommended.”

“Labre’s Hope experience of Packhelp was great, the team is always on hand to respond to queries very quickly and their service is so positive and friendly. Their two-piece product boxes are also incredible!”

“We needed flexibility to redirect packaging to various sites across Europe and UK. Packhelps warehousing service enabled us to order at a larger scale with straightforward storage. ”

“We only like to partner with brands that share our sustainability values. This is why we decided to only offer iPhones, and partnered with Pela for phone cases. That’s also one of the main reasons why we chose Packhelp to design our packaging; we share lots of the same values.”

“We decided to partner with Packhelp as they can provide our partners with holistic approach towards packaging. We also believe that their reusable packaging portfolio can have a tremendous impact on the circular economy.”

“Here at RISE Coffee, we’ve been working with Packhelp for three years, and we love their personalised approach to helping us create the perfect ethical packaging for our coffee subscription business.”

“Packhelp has helped us a lot by allowing us to create personalised designs, without the hassle of back and forth. With packaging and logistics, it was also important for us to find long term partners, rather than short term band-aids or solutions.”

“We want our customers to smile when they receive their coffee subscriptions from us, and we feel that our branded shipping boxes from Packhelp amplify their anticipation before they even see the contents of their most recent coffee box.”

“We decided to partner with Packhelp thanks to the fast and flexible solution to our branded boxes for shipping our products. There is a lot of transparency and communication at all times.”

“Packhelp has given us the possibility to develop a box that matches our product, and at a more than reasonable price. Our usual vendors weren’t proactive in making changes and Packhelp was the quickest to respond to our needs. We also appreciate the attention and care of their sales team.”

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