Signed, Sealed, Delicious: How Browniegod Delivers Perfect Bakes with Packhelp

Picture a world in which every bite of a brownie feels like a little taste of heaven. That’s exactly what Kanita Ramaxhiku imagined when she and her brother Xhenis began their delicious brand, Browniegod.

In the EMEA region where bakeries are a big deal and worth a whopping 91 billion Euros, Browniegod has found its niche. But Kanita's baking adventure began way before her later TikTok fame: Browniegod's story started with a love for baking and a knack for making flavours look as good as they taste. While working in professional bakeries, her creative ideas were often ignored, and this frustration fueled her motivation to do her own thing.


Create custom packaging that can successfully transport fragile brownies so they withstand difficult or rough transit and arrive intact.

Make the packaging quick and easy to assemble.

Use sustainable and recyclable materials to create an eco-friendly product.


Designed a custom insert that cradles the brownies securely while interlocking with a bespoke mailer box to ensure no brownie movement during transit.

70% reduction in labour costs in packing packaging due to the increased speed of packaging assembly.

The bespoke insert and mailer box are made from corrugated cardboard that meets our sustainability commitment.

The Idea & Challenges 

Initially, Kanita planned to make cakes with makeup-style packaging but then decided to shift her focus to brownies. With her brother Xhenis’ support, they began a new journey filled with unexpected twists and turns: They learned a lot about business, tried and tested new recipes, and faced the challenge of having to take a break due to COVID-19, just as their business was on the rise. But right when they needed it, TikTok came to the rescue, making them internet famous and totally changing their path to success.

By seizing their momentum, Browniegod shifted their focus to online sales for their customisable treats, and have grown to a talented team of eight. Browniegod became more than just a bakery for Kanita; it became a symbol of persistence and the magic that happens when you follow your passions, no matter what.

Customised Construction

Crafting custom packaging for delicate brownies involved creating a bespoke insert that securely holds the goodies that interlocks with a tailored mailer box. This design ensured the brownies remain undisturbed during transit, providing both protection and a secure journey.

Support from Packhelp’s Packaging Experts

Packhelp goes beyond simply providing packaging and maintains constant contact while welcoming feedback. This ongoing dialogue allows us to swiftly address concerns and explore opportunities for improvement, ensuring a reliable and evolving solution that consistently exceeds expectations and is tailored to each customer’s needs.

Seamless and efficient cooperation

Packhelp is dedicated to ensuring seamless and efficient cooperation, providing a streamlined experience for our customers at every stage. Our commitment extends to a simplified reorder process too, allowing clients to navigate and replicate their packaging solutions effortlessly.

The Packaging

Packaging is more than just putting something in a box – it’s an art, and Browniegod has definitely mastered it. Their brownies are not only delicious; they look enticing from the moment you receive the package. Unwrapping the brownies is a treat that’s just as enjoyable as savouring them.

Finding the perfect brownie packaging has had its challenges, however, and the design and construction have needed some adjusting as the years progressed. From day one of their journey, Browniegod partnered with Packhelp to create and develop custom brownie packaging they can count on.

Browniegod uses two types of mailer boxes to ship their delicious brownies. The primary box has a special insert designed by Packhelp’s expert packaging engineers to ensure every brownie is delivered intact. 

There were a number of requirements the brownie packaging had to meet: 

  • It needed to safely deliver and protect the baked goods. This means it could be thrown around (common in the shipment process) or have weight applied to it from other parcels without causing any damage to the packaging,
  • It had to be eye-catching and visually appealing to stand out from competitors,
  • It needed to be easy and quick to assemble in order to reduce the cost of labour (a growing issue with wage inflation),
  • Sustainable and recyclable materials to ensure it was an eco-friendly choice for consumers and the planet.

Dedicated to ensuring the safe transport of their baked goods, the Browniegod team performed rigorous “crash tests” to ensure their packaging’s durability during transit – even dropping boxes off the roof to make sure the brownies within remained safe! Customers’ reports of packages being thrown over fences like frisbees or chucked against the front door from a delivery van only reinforced the need for packaging that could withstand occasional mishandling while protecting the contents.

Changes in the Industry 

As people search for more personalised and heartfelt experiences, they tend to gravitate towards smaller bakeries where they can enjoy boutique bakes, delivered with exceptional customer service. This is where Browniegod excels: by giving their customers a delicious, multisensory experience.

Focused on gifting, Browniegod prioritises consistency and familiarity with their flavours. However, they tap into the trend for a more personalised experience by offering a customisable consumable. Customers can easily select the flavour, topping, colours, and add personalised messages, as well as edible photos. This level of personalisation has been a hit, and customers choose Browniegod to celebrate a wide range of occasions, both traditional and unique. Whether it’s a birthday, religious holiday, or even a breakup, Browniegod embraces each moment with their customers.

The bakery’s involvement in corporate gifting has also been a notable success. They offer businesses a chance to customise their own products with their brand logos and colours, creating a unique gifting experience. This approach is increasingly popular as businesses look for creative ways to connect with their clients and employees.

Browniegod is bang on trend within the baked goods industry, delivering their handmade, personalised, and delicious products far and wide, while focusing on exceptional customer experiences with every box – and bite.

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