Classic Poly Mailer

Recyclable poly mailer with two adhesive strips creating a seal. Made of lightweight material that perfectly secures your package.
Recommended by many brands

Recommended by many brands

Used by hundreds of brands to ship their products.
Send & Return

Send & Return

Includes two adhesive straps for highest functionality.
Light on your wallet

Light on your wallet

Easy on your budget and low in weight.


Available sustainable options:

Locally manufactured in Europe, meaning a lower transportation footprint compared to goods produced and imported from abroad.
Can be broken down and used as a new material.
Made in a way that allows the product to be used again after fulfilling its original purpose.
Rain, wind or shine, all-weather protection for your goods & primary packaging.
  • Perfect for clothes, accessories, fabrics, shoe boxes & mailing boxes
  • 100% recyclable – throw in with standard plastic recycling
Raylo minimised their carbon footprint with 20% leaner packaging.

See how Packhelp assisted the mobile phone startup by:

  • Developing a solid cardboard construction with 90% recycled content
  • Cutting their packaging weight by 20% and costs by 11%
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“Sustainability is a non-negotiable for us. Packhelp not only delivered an eco-friendly but cost-effective solution.”
Nuno Brito e Cunha, COO Raylo

Secure printed mailing bags

Leaking or damaged package?

That’s no longer your problem. Our printed mailing bags will secure your contents from water, dust and punctures. Use the bag solo or wrap it around a mailer box for worry-free delivery.

Design now

… with two self-adhesive strips.

Packing your goods has never been easier. Put them inside your printed mailbag and close it with a self-sealing strip. The value of the second strip comes in when your customers want to reuse the bag.

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Sample packs

Sample packs

Try before you buy. Select up to 8 samples for 5€ and test different types of packaging, materials and sizes. Order a sample pack and get your money back with your first order.
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Available materials

LDPE 60μm

Durable, waterproof & flexible LDPE (low-density polyethene) thermoplastic to protect your goods/primary packaging from the elements & dust during delivery. 100% recyclable.


Available materials

LDPE 60μm

Durable, waterproof & flexible LDPE (low-density polyethene) thermoplastic to protect your goods/primary packaging from the elements & dust during delivery. 100% recyclable.

LDPE foil (white, black or transparent) (LDPE 4)
Material colour
No colour
Standard White
50 μm (thickness)
Colour options
Printing process
Screen Printing


Are Classic Poly Mailers waterproof?

That’s right! The material that our printed mailing bags are made of is LDPE foil, a highly durable and fully recyclable type of plastic. It works great as an additional barrier against the elements.

What's the Classic Poly Mailer best for?

Classic Poly Mailers are perfect as both an individual shipping solution and additional packaging. You can easily ship soft and lightweight items wrapping them only in these reliable printed postal bags. However, we recommend Poly Mailers as an extra branded layer for your chosen packaging.


Do Classic Poly Mailers match the sizes of Mailer Boxes?

True. Please have a look below at the list of mailer bags designed to fit particular Mailer Box sizes.

Note: The Y size refers to the Classic Poly Mailer, while the F size to the Mailer Box.

Y43 17.5 x 25.5 cm – F23

Y60 25 x 35 cm – F23, F33, F45

Y80 35 x 45 cm – F23, F33, F44, F45, F52, F56, F59, F62

Y90 40 x 50 cm – F23, F33, F44, F45, F52, F56, F59, F62, F65, F71

Y100 45 x 55 cm – F23, F33, F44, F45, F52, F56, F59, F62, F71, F65, F79

Can you print on the entire space of mailing bags?

Yes. But remember that this feature is only available for wholesale orders of our shipping bags (min. 5000 pieces). For smaller orders, our mailing bags have a limited space dedicated to your graphics.

The bigger size you get, the more printing room there is. This piece of space is visible on every diecut template. In order to have your full graphic design on display, remember to fit it into the print space.

If you would like to place a wholesale order, please use our get a quote form.

What kind of graphic designs can be printed on Classic Poly Mailers?

Our printing technique and the waterproof material we use limit our printing options. Single-colour graphics are the perfect choice for our mailing bags, as long as they are not too convoluted. That is due to the foil material and its paint absorption. This eliminates gradient graphics and neon colours from things that can be printed on these types of poly mailer bags.

Do you offer standard package sizes for shipments by carriers such as Royal Mail, DPD, DHL & InPost?

Yes, all of our Poly Mailers are compatible with Royal Mail, DPD, DHL & InPost. Check the table below for the exact dimensions:


width [mm] depth [mm] height [mm] DPD DIM weight [mm] DPD DHL ROYAL MAIL INPOST
Y43 175  n/a 225 400 S XS LARGE LETTER A
Y60 250  n/a 350 600 M XS LARGE LETTER A
Y80 350  n/a 450 800 L S S A
Y90 400  n/a 500 900 L L M C
Y100 450  n/a 550 1000 XL XL M  n/a
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