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The sourcing and manufacture of vegan products often produces more carbon emissions and leaves a larger carbon footprint than non-vegan options.

No animals were harmed in the making of this packaging.

Vegan definition

Packhelp defines vegan products are products that have no materials derived from animals or animal products. The production processes of these materials also use no animal products. 

Vegan products may also contain petroleum-based materials that take hundreds of thousands of years to decompose. Vegan certification for corrugated cardboard is also expensive and rarely if ever, obtained. 

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Why you should use vegan packaging products

A brand may decide to opt for vegan materials if veganism is a core value to them. Vegan products that don’t contain petroleum-based product are more likely to be biodegradable, recyclable and/or compostable. 

Why shouldn’t use vegan products

Non-vegan products used in the packaging industry are usually limited to hides, blood and sinew. All these materials are usually byproducts of the meat industry that would otherwise be thrown away. 

Sourcing vegan materials such as rubber trees and oils from plant crops is very labour and energy-intensive. This may result in a larger expenditure of fossil fuel compared to using animal byproduct which is readily available. Packaging that is vegan may also contain synthetic or petroleum-based materials, meaning it can’t decompose or be composted or recycled easily. 

This is a great example of two environmentally friendly elements conflicting with each other and possibly doing more harm than good. This should be taken into account when considering the importance of carbon emissions vs veganism. 

Packhelp and vegan products

All Packhelp products are vegan. 

Glue made from animal products is never used in the packaging industry as it lacks the integrity to bond adequately with paper pulp.

Frequently asked questions:

Glue that contains animal products was phased out of the printing industry approximately 15 years ago with the breakthrough of plant-based materials technology. While Packhelp products contain no animal products and by definition are vegan, certification would mean getting each raw material certified, then each individual order certified

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