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Can be broken down and used as an ingredient of a new material.

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Can be broken down and used as an ingredient of a new material.

Recyclable definition

Recyclable materials, when disposed of correctly, can be broken down into a rawer form and turned into new material. Recyclable products may be mixed with other recycled materials or virgin material to be turned into a new product. All municipalities in the EU [1]  are required by law to offer recycling bins to residents and recycle the materials accordingly. 

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Why you should use recyclable materials

Recyclable materials lower the demand for virgin materials and the energy needed to produce them. Recyclable materials may be important to a brand in order to lower their own carbon emissions or because they value using and being a part of a circular economy. 

If end users don’t have access to municipal recycling facilities, recyclable cardboard can be used in a home compost [2] heap. 

Why you shouldn’t use recyclable materials

A brand may decide to not use recyclable materials if the packaging comes into contact with food. The rules for recycling pizza boxes [3]  vary from area to area, as grease and oil mix with the cardboard, rendering it unrecyclable. 

Packhelp and recyclable materials

All cardboard products sold by Packhelp are 100% recyclable and can meet all International Standards for Cardboard Recycling. This means that they can be placed in home-recycling bins.

Frequently asked questions:

Yes, if you’re in the EU, your cardboard box can be thrown into the paper/cardboard recycling bin. Please remove as much tape and other non-paper products from the packaging as possible!

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