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Become more transparent with an FSC certification.

The most recognizable proof of eco-friendliness in the world.

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Full packaging transparency with FSC and Packhelp.

Packhelp teamed up with FSC, so that you can prove your packaging’s eco-friendliness with the right certification. Read more about the details of the certification below.


What is the FSC certification?

The FSC certificate secures that your packaging was produced from sustainably sourced materials and with forest management principles.


Benefits of FSC certification

Certifikát fsc ikona lidé

FSC supports smallholders and indigenous people through its activity.

Certifikát fsc ikona stromy

Worldwide-known certification of sustainability.

Certifikát fsc ikona materiály

Provides detailed information about the source of packaging materials.

Certifikát fsc různorodost

FSC ensures high conservation values in the endangered forests.

Certifikát fsc zalesňování

FSC promotes sustainable management in the area of reforesting.

Certifikát fsc ikona ochrana

Packaging with the FSC certification will be proof of your sustainable values.

How can you get certified with FSC?

Certifikát fsc ikony komunikace

1. Request a quote

Get in touch with is via get a quote form and include the request regarding FSC certification.

Certifikát fsc ikona celosvětová síť

2. Our network

We find the best vendor from our network to guarantee the best pricing and FSC eligibility.

Certifikát fsc ikona potvrzení

3. Approval

Our team gets back to you with a quote including the FSC-certified materials.

quote request

Certify via quote request.

Get a quote

Request a quote for your packaging.

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Certify via our online editor.


Request a quote for your packaging.

Only paper and wood materials, FSC certificate guarantees a sustainably managed source of all the tree-related materials only. Therefore it is available only for products made from paper and cardboard - all of our Mailer Boxes, Kraft Tapes, Cardboard Envelopes, Product Boxes, Paper Bags and all non-standard solutions made from either of these two materials.
FSC is a certificate that tracks the packaging materials all the way down to its very source. Generally speaking, it means that this packaging and its supply chain are responsibly managed. According to the official information provided by FSC, the certificate guarantees that: - The trees are replanted in state-owned areas - Workers employed along this supply chain are paid fairly - The interests of indigenous people are not exposed to any danger resulting from the production - The materials are produced in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and nationally-ratified international treaties, conventions and agreements - The production support the development of local communities - High conservation values are maintained Finally, FSC provides information about the entire packaging supply chain, as it requires 100% continuity. In other words, in order to be certified, the whole chain - starting from the responsibly managed tree plantation - needs to be verified and approved.
FSC certification can be covered by a one-time fee, which can be added to your order summary.
Plus two days to the regular time of delivery, operational If you decide to include the FSC certification in your packaging order, we will extend the delivery time by two days. This is due to the approval process of the FSC certificate. This applies to our regular time of delivery as well as express delivery.
Additional finishes, such as foil lamination and hot stamping, are not obstacles in certifying your packaging with FSC. FSC ensures that the core materials - paper and cardboard - are responsibly sourced. Therefore, you can include the FSC mark on your packaging that includes special finishes.
Yes, you can. Once your boxes are produced and delivered to you, you can share the information about the certificate with your customers. However, remember that FSC is a legally protected trademark. Remember to include the trademark/registered symbol - the symbol depends on the market your domain is registered at.
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