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E-commerce Holiday Preparation Guide

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62% of ecommerce brands start prep in August

A staggering 2 in 3 of surveyed brands start preparing for the holiday season in August or September.


UK, DE and FR buyers start early.

British, German and French brands expect the holiday rush to peak early and reach record sales in November.


Almost half of brands don't 'feel' ready.

47% of surveyed businesses have already begun to prepare for their busiest season, but they don’t feel able to keep up with demand.


British brands are going omnichannel

37% of surveyed British brands say that they're going to start selling their products on a marketplace this Holiday season.

Customisable packaging for your online store

Find your ideal packaging supplies for the festive season.

Christmas Packaging FAQ

When should I order my packaging so it is ready for Christmas?

Shoppers usually begin their Christmas shopping at the start of December. This is why we suggest you order your packaging during the first days of November. This will give us enough time to produce your packaging and for you to be ready for the season. Due to the increased production volumes for this season, there are some factors that might increase turnaround time. History has shown us that the biggest delays are due to delivery issues. Increased demand for courier services means that shipping times may blow out. Unfortunately, this is something that is out of our hands. To avoid any unexpected surprises or issues we suggest completing your packaging order ahead of time.

We also know that having your packaging looking it’s absolute best is key during this time. We recommend using our new Print Expert Check at checkout so that one of our packaging specialists double-checks your design and tweaks it to perfection. The Print Expert Check service will be available to you at checkout.

What is the minimum order quantity?

It all depends on the product you choose and how customised you would like your to design to be. 

Products with a higher minimum order quantity like Magnetic and Rigid Boxes require you to work with us to develop and approve the project. Therefore, they will take longer to get to production. 

Check out the specific MOQs of our products below:

Eco/Eco White Mailer Boxes: 30 pieces

White on Kraft Mailer Boxes: 30 pieces

Eco Color Mailer Boxes: 30 pieces

Full-Color Mailer Boxes: 30 pieces

Sleeved Mailer Boxes: 30 pieces

Plain Mailer Boxes: 30 pieces

E-commerce Delivery Box: 100 pieces

Product Boxes: 30 pieces

Custom tote bags: 50 pieces

Wine Boxes: 30 pieces

Standup pouch with label: 250 pieces

Two-Piece Product Boxes: 30 pieces

Double-Sided Mailer Boxes: 1500 pieces

Rigid Boxes: 1000 pieces

Cake Boxes: 2500 pieces

Custom labels: 250 pieces

Magnetic Boxes: 1000 pieces

Cardboard Drawer Boxes: 1000 pieces

Carrier Boxes: 1500 pieces

Paper Cans: 30 pieces

Custom Tissue Paper: 100 pieces

Jiffy bags: 2000 pieces

Mailing Bags: 100 pieces

Bio Poly Mailer Bags: 100 pieces

Cardboard Envelopes: 30 pieces

Paper Bags: 30 pieces

Packaging Tape: 72 pieces

Kraft Tape: 72 pieces

Shipping Boxes: 30 pieces

Plain Shipping Boxes: 30 pieces

Expandable Kraft Mailer: 30 pieces

Packing Paper: 100 pieces

Plain Delivery Box: 30 pieces

Muslin bags: 500 pieces

Thank you cards: 30

Custom pizza boxes: 1500

Does COVID-19 pandemic influence the production & deliveries?

Packhelp has remained fully operational throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our manufacturing process has not been disturbed and we will try to process and manufacture your orders as always. But bare in mind that the high season will most likely bring in delays due to higher demand. In addition, be mindful that as the situation unfolds, disruptions may happen at any moment. If this were to happen, we would inform you as fast as possible.

To avoid any issues on your Holiday packaging, we recommend ordering earlier to avoid delays. We also recommend planning ahead and ordering in bulk so you don’t face the issue of having to restock during busier dates.

Do orders take longer to process during the holidays?

Most likely. We do everything we possibly can to complete all orders within 21 days. But bear in mind that volumes increase during the holiday season quite significantly. Our factories operate 24/7 to make sure your products are produced within the given time frame. Unfortunately, it is very likely that freight transporter will push back delivery dates.

That’s why preparation is key! Ordering your packaging ahead of time will help you avoid any issues with delays and ensure you receive your order on time for the holidays.

How can I be sure that my order will be delivered by the time I need it?

Don’t rush and make sure you start planning ahead. Start by creating the holiday design that you would like to showcase on your packaging. This part is key so that it gives you enough time to make any changes and for us to be sure it is properly formatted for manufacturing. Start planning your holiday packaging today, and keep up with a timeline of pending tasks to make sure everything is covered ahead of time.

How can I check the status of my parcel?

In order to check the status of your parcel, you will need to have your order number. Your order number is sent to you via email once your order is ready to be shipped. In the same email, you will also find a link to check the status of your parcel directly on the courier company tracker. If you lost the email or never got it, don’t worry! You can contact us at any time and we will gladly help you find the order number and even track your parcel.

Is it possible to speed up my order?

Yes! This is possible if you help us out. Once you decide to place an order, a member of our team will get in contact with you to verify your design and product specifications. When this happens, you must give us as many details as possible about your product and how you are planning to sell your product to better understand your expectations. This will allow us to be accommodating and better serve your needs. Remember, talk to us and we will be sure to help you out!

Also, some of our products have the option of Super Express Production to manufacture your boxes in even 3 days at an extra cost. But remember it’s always better to order ahead of time to avoid any shipping delays.

Here’s a list of products available for Super Express Production:

White on Kraft Mailer Boxes

Eco Color Mailer Boxes

Classic Product Boxes

Wine Boxes

Two-Piece Product Boxes

Custom Cardboard Envelopes

Printed Paper Bags


E-commerce guide

E-commerce Trend Report: 2021 Holiday Season

In August 2021, the Packhelp team surveyed over 400 European and UK-based e-commerce brands to see when and how they’re gearing up for Q4 ’21  Whether you’re new to ecommerce or you’ve sold throughout many holiday seasons, this guide can give you insights you need to keep up with demand this season, and also stay on top of trends in the e-commerce industry. 

Download and discover:

  • When to start preparing for the holiday season
  • How to channel the surge in search volume to your store
  • What to expect after the surge and into the new year
  • How to turn these new customers into loyal advocates
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