Product boxes for sewing subscriptions: Free The Needle


A French project called Free The Needle captures the essence of e-commerce innovation. The company offers clothing for DIY, in the form of a range of modern patterns. The brand promotes creativity among their customers, but also emphasizes their “green” approach. The sewing patterns are delivered to customers in the beautifully designed Product Boxes.

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DIY usually brings home decor to mind, but it’s a much broader concept. Free The Needle is a fantastic example, which proves that DIY can refer to something way more abstract. According to the owners of Free The Needle,

“The project is a result of a meeting between a stylist and a visual merchandiser. We have met in the same company, and our common passion for fashion and DIY has led us to the creation of our own vision and brand”


The company aims at providing a comfortable, smooth way to design clothing. On top of that, Free The Needle emphasizes the eco-friendly approach in their brand vision (the materials sent in the boxes can be recycled). Inside the box, you can find a printed sewing pattern with the instructions manual (a poster with a picture of the collection), as well as a letter with a card and the tag to put on your clothes when your model is done.

The product boxes designed by Free The Needle reflect the creative nature of the company. This packaging pattern is abstract, contrary to most of the designs we receive at Packhelp. The founders of Free The Needle told us the story behind this artwork.

“We’ve gone a really long way to find the ideal vision for the box. One day, our graphic designer found a Japanese painting, which inspired us further. We needed to create something modern and pop to stand out from the basic packaging. The colors derive from flowers and spring influences. Even though it’s an abstract graphic, there is still a flower silhouette in it. We are delighted with the result - it’s organic, subtle and light.”


The box design includes a sticker as well, which consists of the name of the brand and the pattern name. Free The Needle’s packaging celebrates a fantastic, unusual design with a drop of extravagant.

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