Sustainable eco-mailer boxes: Koti


Habits are hard to break. But if there’s someone to give you some help, breaking old habits becomes nothing but a breeze.

And when there’s an even bigger motivation, like having a positive impact on the environment, it gets even easier.

That’s the case of Koti - a brand that helps create good habits for a sustainable lifestyle.

They offer minimalist kits to help people lead zero-waste lifestyles little by little. In this inspiration, we look at how corrugated boxes became crucial for the brand’s look and e-commerce operations.

Shared values born in the family

Koti is a small family business from Nottingham, UK. Mollie, Sam, and Emma diverted into different careers but came together for a shared purpose; the environment.

With the zero-waste market growing every year, they noticed that the first step towards zero-waste living is often puzzling. Where to start?

Well, that’s where Koti steps in.
koti eco mailer boxes
Sam, Mollie, and Emma came from different backgrounds, however, their goal was common.

“It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to reducing your environmental impact. We curate boxes filled with everyday eco essentials, helping you easily replace the plastic items in your home”.

What does it mean exactly? What are the curated boxes of Koti?

Currently, there are two kits available; the Kitchen Box and the stay at Home Box.

The Kitchen Box consists of everyday-use items but made with eco-friendly and more durable materials. In particular, customers can find alternatives to foil (in the form of vegan wax wraps), a durable coconut brush, and all-natural soap nuts made from natural ingredients.

Koti custom packaging

Stay at Home Box, on the other hand, brings items such as organic tea leaves, natural shampoo cubes, and cocoa butter candles.

There is also a Bathroom Box coming very soon. Each box contains items that help make the first step on a zero-waste journey and living sustainably.

Koti also has an online shop too. The product range includes eco-friendly products from the Koti brand and from their favourite eco brands.

“We know that using plastic and single-use products can be unavoidable at times. Our aim is to help people do their bit in reducing plastic waste, and work towards a more sustainable life little by little’.

A minimalist design with a strong message

Since Koti sells online and ships its unique sets, the packaging was extremely important for Koti’s lifestyle kits. They not only had to be sturdy to withhold shipping but had to be in line with the brand’s sustainable values.

After doing online research, Mollie, Sam, and Emma found Packhelp and then opted for Eco Mailer Boxes.

Koti eco mailer boxes custom design

This type of packaging is made from 90% recycled cardboard and a design printed with water-based inks, so it was a no-brainer for them.

Eco Mailer Boxes are also perfect for brands looking for a clean and minimalist aesthetic.

“It was really crucial that we created something sleek, minimalist and in-line with our eco values.”

Koti’s packaging design is simple and shows the environmental passion behind the brand. On the top left corner of the box, the artwork showcases a sun, while the brand logo of a plant is on the bottom left corner.

The analogy is heartwarming; just like the plant from the logo is receiving life from the sun, good habits will give life to the planet and to ourselves.

A sturdy, reliable packaging solution ensures that Koti can deliver its zero-waste items intact.

Start designing your own Eco Mailer Boxes here.