Designing Minimalist Eco Mailer boxes: Kiré Skin


Kiré Skin is a Polish brand with an Asian spirit. The company sells packages of culture-inspired skincare goods, with products from South Korea and Japan. Each box is a meticulously created set that's meant to be a skincare ritual. The design of the packaging of Kiré Skin is focused mainly on the right exposition of the company's logo, but it also fits into the specific, contemporary mood of the brand.

We need more nature!

The two founders of Kiré Skin - My Tran-Kudła and Ania Ciężkowska - were browsing through dozens of cosmetic products in cosmetic stores, but most of the ingredients were ones that irritate and dry the skin.

That's when an idea of their own, all-natural cosmetics brand was born.

"We were both tired of cosmetics that included suspicious ingredients, that irritated, caused allergy or were simply ineffective. That's the difference we make with Kiré Skin. Our cosmetics are made from only natural ingredients and fragrances, dedicated to taking care of all kinds of skin."

The two founders see skin as the most essential part of a daily spa ritual.

"In our product range, we focus mostly on skincare products because that's the fundamental part of any care treatments. If we were to be sentimental, we'd say that Kiré Skin is a result of a long-lasting friendship too."


packaging of Kire Skin

Selling across various channels

Many small brands diversify their sales channels and Kiré Skin is no exception. Apart from selling online, the company visits trade fairs and supplies beauty salons. But there are bigger plans too.

"Our main sales channel is our online store. We occasionally show our products during fairs and work with beauty salons (mostly in Warsaw). Our dream is to have our own store too."

The products sold by Kiré Skin are cleansing oils, face scrubs, serums and face tonics, along with rock-made rollers. All of these products are supplementary to each other and together create an entire, deep skin-cleansing ritual.

packaging of Kire Skin

The packaging of Kiré Skin

The packaging of Kiré Skin matches the contemporary mood of the entire brand. The design is very clean, minimalist and narrowed down to the company's name printed on the white surface. These boxes are used as a shipping solution for the online store, but they also complement the image of Kiré Skin during fairs.

"In our visual communication, we strived for the same kind of minimalism that is indicated in our products. We wanted the packaging design of Kiré Skin to be clean and aesthetic, adhering to the philosophy that less is more. Our labels on cosmetics are also minimalist and it's reflected in the product too. A few, but high-quality cosmetics are better than dozens of ineffective ones."


packaging of Kire Skin

The philosophy of Kirei Hada

Kirei Hada means in Japanese "beautiful skin", and that's the motto of Kiré Skin.

The company has brilliantly worked on a contemporary mood surrounding the products. It's an example of a very thoughtful approach towards brand identity.

The packaging of Kiré Skin, with its simple but ideally matching design, complements the vision of My Tran-Kudła and Ania Ciężkowska.