New Editor Features: Dieline Design, Price Comparison & More

Adam Fabirkiewicz
Adam Fabirkiewicz | 5 min read

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The time has finally come! We've made our online packaging editor even faster, more accurate, more intuitive and with more features than ever before.

Knowing how successful our online editor is as a design tool, the experts at Packhelp have focused on creating new possibilities for brands looking to create custom packaging at beginner, intermediate and expert levels.

If you're not a professional designer, creating your own functional and appealing custom packaging is a huge challenge.

In a world where there are both high-end paid and low-end free services, our premium free design tool is a rare opportunity to create a great packaging design at no extra cost.

The new features range from better automation to a higher quality preview to a feature that allows you to lock in lower prices. Want to know how we made our editor so good?

In this article, you'll learn more about the following features we've just introduced:

  • Design on a dieline & improved 3D previews
  • Seamless variant change during design
  • New products integrated into the editor
  • Buy now, design later

Let´s dive in!

Design on a dieline & Enhanced 3D

Packhelp’s online design editor is made with 3 skill levels in mind: Basic, Intermediate & Expert.

If you’re a beginner, you’re more likely to want full visualisation in the form of a 3D preview. Since you’ll probably be using global patterns or templates, you just need to see what the end result is all over the box and that’s it.

Packhelp editor with designs by designers

Keep in mind: our editor offers a catalogue of free-to-use templates and patterns!

That’s why we’ve upgraded the look and feel of our 3D preview to an ever higher standard. Enjoy an intuitive design experience with a realistic final assessment of your creation.

For a more complex approach and designing from scratch, we’ve introduced a level-up type of preview: designing on a flat dieline (2D visualisation).

Okay, but…

What’s a dieline in packaging?

A packaging dieline is a template needed to ensure the correct layout of a design on a cardboard cut-out. And, it’s the only way to transport your design files from the computer to the printing machine.

custom mailer box design on a dieline

It has all the folds needed to assemble your box from a flat sheet of cardboard.

Our custom products have had the functionality to upload your dieline project for ages. You’ve had the option to design using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Design or any other tool you saw fit.

But now - you don’t need any additional software. Our online editor is all you need.

Comparing designing on a dieline to a 3D preview

Just because we’ve added a dieline feature, it doesn’t mean you cannot design both ways at the same time.

design packaging on a dieline or in 3D

Our editor allows you to jump between a full dieline, individual sides of your box, and a 3D preview. That’s how you know you’re not missing any detail.

More than that, sidelines are generated on the spot, eliminating the need to download pdf/.ai files and go outside of the editor to upload artwork. The designing process on flat dielines is seamless.

Note: The feature is available for 3D products that are in the 3D Editor mode.

But which parts of your project are best checked in 2D or 3D?

Which design elements should you review on a flat dieline?


  • your design may contain graphics that stick out or go over the cut line of the box,
  • your patterns or elements span across many sides of the box or the full area of the box, or
  • you have high-quality raster graphics that might be large files,

you should definitely pay close attention to your design on a flat dieline.

designing packaging on a dieline

Which design elements can you review on a 3D preview?


  • you’re unsure which route to take with your packaging colours, patterns or templates,
  • you wish for your design to be reviewed by friends or advisors in real-time, or
  • you want to know the overall feel of your design,

then have it all done with a 3D preview.

How you do it is up to you. But now our online editor offers you all the tools to create your packaging from scratch or take any shortcut you want.

Switching variants in the editor

Packhelp’s editor now offers you the possibility to switch between different product variants to check which one’s the best fit.

Full, Eco or Lite Colour Mailer Box? Choose the type of print and coverage that suits your brand. 

Switching between packaging variants and comparing prices

The feature is available for all mailer boxes, poly mailers and label shapes.

Why switching variants is useful

Here are a few benefits this new feature will bring you.

Price comparison

Have you noticed the little prices underneath each of the products that you switch between?

They’re prices per piece, added to help you keep up with which variant is a better option for your budget.

Keep your finger on the pulse cost-wise before, during and after your design process.

Faster work

Time is money. You shouldn’t have to get back to the product page if you just want to switch a variant. 

Now you don’t have to.

switching between variants in Packhelp editor

And it does matter - a round label says something else to your customer than a rectangle one. You need to be able to see that difference for yourself without breaking a sweat.

Better overview

The price comparison feature is a great overview of the average cost in the mailer box, poly mailer and label category.

But it’s not just about the budget. It’s also about the ability to give each of these products a theoretical try, a chance to convince you they’re your guy.

The easy-switch feature is here to speed up the process of choosing the right product while giving you a wider view of your possibilities.

New products integrated into the editor

This one is easy. We’ve added some new products that you can now design in the new version of our online design tool.

New forms and shapes

creating an envelope design in Packhelp's editor

Here come new forms of custom packaging (literally) in our upgraded editor:

  • Envelope
  • Sleeved Mailer Box
  • Shipping Box
  • Wine Box
  • Product Box 

Why were they moved to the new editor version? Because we want to make things even easier for you.

Improved UX

The new version of the editor has been improved and tested for better design efficiency.

And the reorder of products previously designed in the editor is still available, just as always. Just go to your user panel and reorder your old project.

Free patterns

All products listed above come with a range of free-to-use patterns.

You can choose to print them as they are all over your box or on your chosen sides and slap a logo on top. Or, you may want to edit pattern colours or add some shapes or special graphics to enhance your project.

using shapes as a mask for your packaging design

Modify however you please.

Buy Now, Design Later

Now, this one’s a hit! 

You no longer have to have your full project idea or print-ready design on hand when you’re buying our packaging. We’re going flexible on custom packaging.

Benefits of BNDL

Does the name ring a bell? Yes, this feature is similar to Buy Now, Pay Later - but BNDL means you postpone creating your packaging, not paying for it.

We also offer Buy Now, Pay Later and other flexible payment options. Read more about our services

So, what are the perks?

More time to think

Say, there’s an amazing limited-time deal going on on our website. You want to take advantage and buy custom packaging cheaper, but you’re not quite sure how you want it to look yet.

Enter Buy Now, Design Later!

It’s your insurance - you don’t need to design your custom product on the spot, right before purchase. You can lock in the lower price while it lasts and think about what you’re going to create later on.

Designing Logo Packaging

Why is that great?

  • You’re less likely to neglect or omit some basic errors in your design
  • You can lock in the price first, then discuss your future design with an advisor or friend
  • We’ll remind you of the packaging that you still haven’t designed - you can take care of more urgent matters in your company first.

Note: We count the lead time from the day you upload or approve the design (not at the moment of purchase via BNDL).

Cost evaluation

Have you ever wanted to evaluate the full cost of creating a new product but couldn’t because of its packaging? For example, you didn’t have your box design ready and didn’t know what the final price would be.

Now you can choose the packaging type, buy it ahead of time and include the expenses in your budget before you take your time with the design.

This way, you’ll get to understand your costs better and maybe unlock some unexpected cash flow to further invest in your business.

Switching between devices

Buy on your phone, design on a desktop - or the other way around (though we don’t recommend it).


Either way, feel free to place an order on whichever device you like and use another one to create your project. Convenient!

How our packaging editor can help your business

Memorable unboxing brings in more customers.

72% of respondents say product packaging design influences their purchase decisions.

Want to create memorable unboxing? Nothing beats customisation.

Customers get tired of bland, plain packaging pretty fast. They want compositions they’ve never seen before, ideas that will brighten their day.



If you’re not a packaging designer, though, creating your own customised box or bag is a tall order. You’ll need packaging templates or a design tool to help you create something worthwhile.

It’s possible to find packaging configurators that offer lots of helpful features. There’s just one thing - they’re pricey.

And if you had the money in the first place, you’d probably prefer to hire a designer, not spend it on half measures. This is where our online editor comes in - just as advanced as the best packaging creators in the game, but free of charge.

The price comparison feature helps you make the most economical decisions for your business, and with Buy Now, Design Later you can lock in limited-time discounts without a ready design or idea on hand.

If you need help getting started, have a look at some packaging design inspirations. And remember, our packaging experts are always available if you have any questions or need advice. Send us a brief!


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