Pre-printed Bio Poly Mailer

A pre-designed mailer bag that's sustainable, stylish, and ready to ship in only a few days.
Less waiting time

Less waiting time

A pre-printed solution shipped to you in a few days.
Waterproof and tearproof

Waterproof and tearproof

Use it to fully protect your products from any damage during shipping.
An eco-friendly choice

An eco-friendly choice

Made from natural resin. Biodegradable & industrially compostable.


Available sustainable options:

When exposed to light, air, moisture and microbes, this product breaks down to natural elements found in nature.
Products with this label will break down into compost in industrial composting plants.
Locally manufactured in Europe, meaning a lower transportation footprint compared to goods produced and imported from abroad.

Eco packaging to protect your products

Waterproof, weather-resistant, biodegradable and industrially compostable.

Pre-Printed Bio Poly Mailers are an ideal solution for brands looking to reduce their carbon footprint and protect their products in style without the design hassle and costs.

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Sample packs

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Foil made from a starch-based resin
60 μm
Colour options
Printing process
Screen printing


Why do Pre-Printed Bio Poly Mailers come with a premade design?

Pre-Printed Bio Poly Mailers were created as a solution for those customers that need stylish packaging delivered fast. Thanks to the pre-printed design, Pre-Printed Bio Poly Mailers can be shipped out within a few business days so you can start shipping your products as soon as they arrive.

Are the Pre-Printed Bio Poly Mailers waterproof?

Yes! Thanks to the starch-based resin foil, the material is not only waterproof but is also dust and tearproof. This solution will protect all of its contents from any weather situation.

How can I use my Pre-Printed Bio Poly Mailers?

Pre-Printed Bio Poly Mailers can be used as a packaging product on their own. For example, you can use it to pack and ship out clothing items. Simply pack your products and seal the Pre-Printed Bio Polymailer with the self-adhesive strip.

In addition, Pre-Printed Bio Poly Mailers can also be used as an extra layer of protection for your mailer boxes so they are safe from any potential damage caused by water or other weather situations.

How can I know if my Mailer Box fits in a specific Pre-Printed Bio Poly Mailer size?

We’ve prepared a list so you can see what Mailer Boxes fit in a particular Pre-Printed Bio Poly Mailer. Products with the letter Y indicate a size for the Pre-Printed Bio Poly Mailer, and products with the letter  are for mailer box sizes.

Y60 250 x 350 mm – F23, F33, F45

Y80 350 x 450 mm – F23, F33, F44, F45, F52, F56, F59, F62

Y90 400 x 500 mm – F23, F33, F44, F45, F52, F56, F59, F62, F65, F71

Why is the colour on your site different to the actual Pre-Printed Bio Poly Mailer?

It’s important for you to know that Pre-Printed Bio Poly Mailers are not fully white. Due to the fact that this product is made with biodegradable materials, the final product does not come in true white.

Pre-Printed Bio Poly Mailers use corn as the main component and because of that, the colour is of an ivory tone. In cases where beetroot is used as a resource, the poly mailer gives off a subtle coral tone.

If you absolutely need your packaging to be truly white, this may not be the best solution for your brand.

Why do Pre-Printed Bio Poly Mailers have a particular smell?

Pre-Printed Bio Poly Mailers are made from natural materials and in order for them to be as resistant and durable as possible, they need a special type of adhesive components and it may give off a smell.

Some customers have mentioned the smell reminds them of curry, while others believe it resembles talcum. We want to make it clear that this is not an artificial smell and it is not an unpleasant one. Nevertheless, you should bear this in mind if your products will be in immediate contact with the Pre-Printed Bio Poly Mailer.

Are your mailers available in standard carrier sizes (Royal Mail, DPD, DHL, InPost)?

Yes, all our Poly Mailers are available in standard Royal Mail, InPost, DPD and DHL parcel dimensions. See details in the table below:


width [mm] depth [mm] height [mm] DPD DIM weight [mm] DPD DHL ROYAL MAIL INPOST
Y43 175  n/a 225 400 S XS LARGE LETTER A
Y60 250  n/a 350 600 M XS LARGE LETTER A
Y80 350  n/a 450 800 L S S A
Y90 400  n/a 500 900 L L M C
Y100 450  n/a 550 1000 XL XL M  n/a
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