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How are rigid boxes different to product boxes?

Great question. They have similar box designs after all. But the main difference relates to materials. Our rigid boxes are made from rigid solid board – hence the name. This gives the box a top quality touch. Due to the way the board is made, your print, material colour and finishing options are almost unlimited. These premium boxes are great for high-end goods or where top presentation is a must. Just keep in mind that they are shipped already assembled.

Whereas, our product boxes are made from lighter cardstock – the same material used to make thick business cards. That makes the boxes light, easy to print on and foldable – they are shipped flat. They are a cost-effective and eye-catching solution to display your products.

Can I design my rigid boxes in Packhelp’s online editor?

No, you can only order through our Instant Quote platform. That’s because every element of a rigid box is entirely customisable. You’re sent many prototypes of your rigid boxes before the final order is shipped. This ensures that it’s designed precisely how you want it.

What kind of inserts can be put in rigid boxes?

You can request just about any type of insert for your rigid boxes. The most common inserts are foam and cardboard inserts.

Do these rigid boxes need to be assembled?

The boxes themselves are delivered pre-glued, assembled and ready to be used as soon as they reach you. Interior elements (like partitions) may need to be inserted.

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