Stand Up Pouches With Label

Easy to design stand up pouches with labels. Ideal for food, sweets, and small accessories.
Ideal for food items and small accessories

Ideal for food items and small accessories

A lightweight and unique packaging option.
Secure sealing options

Secure sealing options

Sealable zipper options for long-lasting freshness.
Finishing options

Finishing options

Black, white or kraft stand-up pouches as the basis of your design.
A fresh take on food packaging. Seal, deliver and let your flavours pop with this stand up pouch.
  • Perfect for dry goods, cured meats, confectionary, dairy, pet food & other FMCGs
  • Low weight & volume production for low logistics footprint
Psi Bufet went green to meet a technical challenge and cut production costs by 67%.

See how Packhelp assisted the dog food supplier by:

  • Developing a thermal shipping box with 100% recycled cardboard insulation
  • Minimising packaging volume and costs per unit with a space-optimised design
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Stand up pouches for shipping

A small, lightweight packaging solution that’s airtight, and food-safe. This waterproof, rugged and reusable pouch is ideal for storing and shipping food, dry goods and small accessories.

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Design your customised label

Use our Studio Design to create an entirely customised label for your stand up pouches. Create a  branded label that sells your product’s features best.

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Sample packs

Sample packs

Try before you buy. Select up to 8 samples for 5€ and test different types of packaging, materials and sizes. Order a sample pack and get your money back with your first order.
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Available materials


All applications covered with a huge choice of materials, structures & combinations based on: kraft paper (white 40gsm & brown 45gsm), PET 12, PE 100, PE MDO 25 gloss/matt, ALU 8, BOPP, PLA 80, Bio-Based PE/EVOH 100, NatureFlex and more.


Available materials


All applications covered with a huge choice of materials, structures & combinations based on: kraft paper (white 40gsm & brown 45gsm), PET 12, PE 100, PE MDO 25 gloss/matt, ALU 8, BOPP, PLA 80, Bio-Based PE/EVOH 100, NatureFlex and more.

Kraft: Kraft paper 60/vmPET12/PE60 Black and white: BOPP25/vmPET12/PE100 (material code: 7)
Material colour
Natural Kraft
Standard White
Colour options
Printing process
Digital print
available only on the label in CMYK


How will I receive my pouches?

Your pouches and labels will be delivered together but the labels will come fixed to a paper backing sheet, not stuck to the pouches. In other words, you’ll need to put the labels onto the pouches. 

What material can my pouches be made from?

Your stand up pouches are made from different materials depending on the colour you pick.

Brown: Kraft paper 60 // vmPET12 // PE60

Black and white: BOPP25 // vmPET12 // PE100

What sizes are available?

These stand up bags are available in several sizes. Each size has a label that maximises the available space.

  • 70g (250ml) – 110x170x70 mm – Label – 50×75 mm
  • 150g (500ml) – 130x210x80 mm – Label – 75×125 mm
  • 250g (750ml) – 160x230x90 mm – Label – 75×125 mm
  • 500g (1000ml) – 190x260x110 mm – Label 75×125 mm

Note: Use the dimensions in grams and millilitres as just a guide. The capacity of a stand up pouch is dependent on the type of product to be packed, such as coffee grains or liquid. Every substance has a different ratio of mass to volume (i.e., density). That’s why it’s best to use the physical dimensions of the pouch and match them to your specific product. If you’re still unsure, please add a note at check out or contact customer support.

What are the common uses of stand up pouches?

These pouches are typically used as primary packaging for tea, supplements, nuts, spices, cereals/muesli, CBD products, protein powder, snacks for pets, sweets and coffee. 

Additionally, they can be used as secondary packaging for socks, t-shirts, toys etc.


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Are these pouches eco-friendly?

As these pouches contain plastic in the sealing mechanism, they cannot be recycled. They can, however, be washed and reused indefinitely.

Are these standup pouches safe for food contact?

Yes! The industrial name for these pouches is Doypacks, and Doypacks originated to carry smaller amounts of food while keeping them fresh. Packhelp’s range of stand up pouches, or food pouches, can be used to carry any form of food. Most commonly they’re used for coffee, seeds, nuts, wheat, sweets, and other dry goods.

What form of sealing or locking options are there?

Our range of stand up pouches is designed to be heat-sealed and opened with a resealable zip lock. This will ensure that your products stay safe and fresh for as long as possible in your stand up zipper bag.

How can I order stand up pouches from Packhelp?

To order your standup pouches with Packhelp, scroll to the top of this page, pick the size and quality of stand up pouches you’d like, and then follow the prompts to our online editor. Here, you’ll be able to design the label for your stand up pouch. Once finished, you’ll be able to place your order, pay for it, and select your delivery options.

Can I design and print onto the bag without the label?

If you wish to design stand-up pouches without the label but put a custom print directly onto the pouch itself, please take a look at our range of flexible packaging. Here, we offer a more detailed design process and many other customisation features.

What's the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity for stand up pouches is 250 pieces.

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