Sustainability is your brand’s destination.

We will help you along the way. And here is how.

Make the switch to sustainable packaging with Packhelp.

You will reforest the planet with your orders, choose certified materials and become part of a big, green movement. Find out more about the exciting steps we’re about to make together.

Plant a tree

Let’s reforest the planet with your orders.

Plant a tree!

Become tree-positive by joining our reforestation project. Packhelp teamed up with One Tree Planted to make our planet greener. Based on the quantity of your order, we calculate the amount of trees you can plant. And it's always more than you use.

Plant a tree!

Together with One Tree Planted we’ve planted 20,314 trees so far.

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Packaging eco properties

Hey you, time to become a sustainability expert!

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Water-based ink

Make only well-informed decisions thanks to our Eco Properties. You will find their detailed descriptions on our product pages. Time to chew on the ins-and-outs of sustainable packaging!

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Join our community of sustainable brands!

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Add Packhelp’s eco-badge to your site and show your commitment to sustainability.

New products

The range of eco-friendly products expands.

Browse products

We are busy bees this season. Our range of products will grow thanks to new sustainable packaging. Our goal? 10 new eco-friendly products this year!

FSC-C151608 certification

Certified. Reliable. Trustworthy.

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Your packaging can now be certified with FSC mark - Forest Stewardship Council. It’s the most recognizable proof of sustainability in the industry. That’s your way to gain the trust of your customers.

Why embark on the green journey with Packhelp?

The switch to sustainability is an answer to the current climate crisis, and a necessity from a business point of view.
acres of trees are cut on a daily basis around the world.
of brand owners introduced changes of materials that favored more sustainable ones.
of customers admit they chose brands with a sustainable promise.

There will be more, bear with us.

We’ll be there to bring you the right products. We will be there to help you make the right choices.

We will be there to change mindsets. It's our commitment for a better tomorrow.

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