White-On-Kraft Mailer Box

Custom printed kraft mailer boxes with white print. Recyclable & eco-friendly - an all-time customer favourite.
Instant Quotes

Instant Quotes

Transparent pricing for quotes above 2500 in a blink of an eye. Directly in our editor.
Eco - we got that covered

Eco - we got that covered

Fully recyclable and made from at least 60% recycled materials.
Sense of occasion

Sense of occasion

A special, white print brings a new quality to classic cardboard.


Available sustainable options:

When exposed to light, air, moisture and microbes, this product breaks down to natural elements found in nature.
Locally manufactured in Europe, meaning a lower transportation footprint compared to goods produced and imported from abroad.
Contains no petroleum-based plastics.
Can be broken down and used as a new material.
Contains at least 60% of recycled materials.

The look for a special occasion

A super chic box, with a hint of nature. Make a stunning impression with prints inside and outside.

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Low footprint

Made from FSC® certified materials with at least 60% recycled content. The whole box is fully recyclable. The cardboard is biodegradable and industrially compostable. Developed from nature’s point of view.

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Sample packs

Sample packs

Try before you buy. Select up to 8 samples for 5€ and test different types of packaging, materials and sizes. Order a sample pack and get your money back with your first order.
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Multi-layered Cardboard - Natural Kraft E (3-layer), B (3-layer) (PAP 20)
Material colour
Natural Kraft
(E) 1,75 mm, 440g/m2; (B) 2,8mm, 483g/m2
Colour options
Printing process
Digital Printing
Recycled Content
Min. 60%


Is it possible to print inside a White-On-Kraft Mailer Box?

Yes, you can! You can create a unique design for the inside of your packaging using our online editor, and the price will be updated instantly. You can also design the inside of your box by downloading the dieline and designing on there.

Using the designer, you can also keep the outside of your box blank, but create a unique design for the inside.

What’s the difference between UV digital and Flexo printing?

The main differences relate to colour saturation and printing volumes. UV printing has a high saturation point, which generally produces rich whites with high contrast. But it’s not the most cost-effective method for high volumes. Flexographic printing, on the other hand, produces the best results at high volumes while keeping costs down. It has a lower saturation point and produces softer white prints, especially against the natural brown cardboard. UV printing is assigned to orders below 240 pieces, while orders above 240 pieces are printed with Flexo.

Does the price include the cost of my design (logo and graphics)?

The pricing listed on our website does include the cost of printing your unique graphics and designs. For custom printing options like hot-stamping, embossing/debossing, and UV Varnish (to name a few), we can tailor this for you via Packhelp Pro. These printing customizations require a minimum order of 1500 boxes per order.

Is it possible to order White-On-Kraft Mailer Boxes with custom sizes?

Yes, it is possible to order our White-On-Kraft Mailer Boxes with your unique measurements! For this, we require a minimum height (depth inside your box) of 2.4cm (24mm).


White-On-Kraft Mailer Boxes with customized dimensions will also involve a minimum order quantity of 1000 boxes.


There is also a one-time fee that is added to your first order. This cost is related to cutting the die (creating a template). This one-time fee is around 240€ (depending on the box size). 


To proceed with this option, we can get started after you first complete our “Get A Quote” form. 


Are White-On-Kraft Mailer Boxes environmentally friendly?

All of our boxes are made with recycled materials and we do not use any glue during their production. White-On-Kraft Mailer Boxes are fully recyclable. The cardboard is biodegradable and industrially compostable. Hence, they are one of the most environmentally friendly boxes available.

Are White-On-Kraft Mailer Boxes strong enough to send by post by themselves?

These kind of boxes are constructed to meet shipping and transport requirements. It is mostly used by various subscription box companies and e-commerce businesses to send their products by post. 


If you’re planning on shipping very heavy items, we recommend requesting a thicker flute. To proceed with this option, we can get started after you first complete our “Get A Quote” form. 

What are the standard sizes that you recommend for clothes or shoes?

White-On-Kraft Boxes look very elegant, which makes them a perfect choice for clothing companies. For shipping of larger garments, we recommend the size F79 (36.4 x 31.4 x 12.5 cm). This box was tailored for the fashion industry – it’s great to ship shoes, blouses, trousers, etc. A slightly smaller box F71 (35 x 26 x 10 cm) will also work perfectly for shipping clothes. 

What are Instant quotes?

Instant quotes is our system of transparent pricing for wholesale quantities of packaging. With Instant Quotes, you can quickly screen our pricing for the standard sizes and custom sizes of packaging for 2500 pieces & more.

In order to check the price of a given custom packaging solution, please choose any quantity above 2500 pieces, choose your size and then proceed to view the offer.

Are Instant Quotes available for all products at Packhelp?

We are working on it, but until now, the Instant Quotes system is available on all Mailer Boxes, Shipping Boxes and Classic product Boxes. Sign up to our newsletter to stay updated with our product developments!

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