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Recyclable and biodegradable packaging is a great way to care for the environment, but still leverage packaging as a branding medium. See our fully customisable biodegradable packaging below:


Fully compostable and biodegradable mailing bag. Lightweight and natural, yet waterproof and durable.

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Can I customise the design on the biodegradable packaging?

Depending on the product, our sustainable packaging can be customised with your brand logo, slogan, or specific design.

Are there any certifications to prove packaging sustainability?

Yes, our products adhere to strict environmental standards, and we can provide relevant certifications upon request.

Are the inks used for printing on the packaging safe for the environment?

We prioritise sustainability in all aspects, including the inks we use for printing. In our biodegradable packaging, ink does not change its eco characteristics.

How does the cost of biodegradable packaging compare to regular packaging?

While sustainable packaging might have a slightly higher cost due to its special materials, the long-term benefits to the environment and brand image often outweigh the initial investment.

Is the biodegradable packaging resistant to moisture and external elements?

While our sustainable packaging is designed for durability, it’s essential to consider the storage conditions and external factors that might affect its integrity.

Is cardboard biodegradable?

Certainly, cardboard is biodegradable. Biodegradable cardboard breaks down naturally over time, returning to the environment without leaving harmful residues. This property makes it a preferred choice for many businesses and consumers who prioritise sustainability. When exposed to the right conditions, such as moisture and microorganisms, biodegradable cardboard decomposes relatively quickly. It’s an sustainable alternative to many synthetic materials that can linger in the environment for centuries. By choosing biodegradable cardboard for packaging or other purposes, individuals and businesses are making a conscious effort to reduce their environmental footprint and promote a more sustainable future.

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