Cardboard envelopes for eco food packaging: Millbee Studio


Helping the environment starts at home.

It takes place when we choose recycled and recyclable packaging, reduce food waste and support local producers who treat nature with respect. Millbee Studio, a customer of Packhelp, adds another great concept to the eco-conscious choices list - organic food wraps made from beeswax. Each set of wraps is delivered in recyclable cardboard envelopes.

cardboard envelope by millbee studio

It was the combined passion for nature and design that inspired Jennifer - the founder of Millbee Studio - to start her own business.

When asked about Millbee Studio’s origins, she explained:

I am a mother with two young kids and I wanted to create something meaningful and to consider the impact this has on our kids future. My brand is a combination of my passions - I am an interior designer, a beginner beekeeper. I simply love nature. All of these factors lead to me creating a product combining beeswax with beautiful botanical prints and natural, sustainable packaging.”

Millbee Studio makes Beeswax Food Wraps, a reusable and natural alternative to clingfilm. The product is entirely food-friendly and designed to secure bread, fruits, vegetables and sandwiches.

millbee studio cardboard envelopes and organic food wraps

A lunch, wrapped in a beautifully designed beeswax paper, is a natural conversation starter too. The pattern, based on the silhouettes of bees, looks charming on the transparent material and makes a killer “ sandwich unwrapping” too.

In the future, Jennifer plans to expand Millbee Studio’s offer by adding beeswax candles.

Attracting people on Instagram

Jennifer told Packhelp that she’s still figuring out the best marketplaces for Millbee Studio. One of her favourite spots to chat with customers is Instagram.

“I love the community on Instagram. It's a visual platform, great for finding inspiration and connecting with people within my business niche.”

beeswax food wraps by millbee studio

Instagram is essential for Jennifer as a sales channel too.

“Most of my customers reach me through Instagram where we share ideas on sustainability, food, zero waste living and just trying to live as natural a life as possible. I believe sustainability is a journey and we are all just trying to make little changes every day.“

Apart from Instagram, Jennifer plans to cooperate with independent retailers in Germany and Eastern Europe. With numerous fans of sustainability out there, Millbee Studio plans to find people interested in shaping a better future of our environment.

beeswax, organic food wraps in cardboard envelopes

Cardboard envelopes by Millbee Studio - From nature with love

Jennifer’s background in design was paramount in creating Millbee Studio’s visual style. She decided to choose cardboard envelopes to send her organically-sourced food wraps.

While it is clearly visible in the product itself, it is also the packaging choice that combines eco-friendliness and an uncanny, minimalist look of the brand. Each envelope looks chic and instantly builds anticipation. The envelopes are made from cardstock, a rigid material that secures the delicate wraps placed inside. Additionally, it is a great saving on space and the package’s weight.

Millbee Studio is a fantastic example of a meticulously designed product experience too. When a customer receives the elegant cardboard envelope, they find the food wraps packed nicely, along with a “thank you for your order” note. Such details add a very personal touch to the product, thus making the brand more emotional to the customer.

cardboard envelopes by millbee studio with a thank you note

Millbee Studio - Sustainable from every angle

Jennifer’s brand praises an eco-friendly lifestyle and offers an alternative to plastic food bags that many of use on a daily basis. It’s a small step to alter the future, but it is exactly steps such as choosing sustainably sourced food wraps that help immensely.