Designing Christmas Packaging: John Masters Organics


What are the best ways of diversifying your packaging set for Christmas? Is it best to come up with a completely new shape of the box? It’s definitely one of the ways. However, John Masters Organics proves that playing with the details is often a much better approach.

John Masters Organics is an American brand that produces all-natural cosmetic goods, free of artificial enhancements. The idea of the company was born from John Masters’ salon, where customers could relax and find their peace. Apart from buying the products, the clients could also receive a head massage.

John Masters

The cosmetics are the equivalent of these calming feelings. John Masters Organics values the natural goodness and dresses it in a minimalist, elegant look. As stated by the company:

“We harness the power of organic, natural ingredients, creating exceptional beauty products that are good for you, good for the earth, and good for grandmothers and babies, too.”

John Masters Organics is also a stunning example of devising a Christmas-themed packaging design that can serve as an inspiration for your brand too.

Packaging design by John Masters Organics

Christmas edition - same shape

Standing out from the crowd is quite a challenge in the heat of Christmas. From discounted offers to product bundles and special, limited versions - these are all ideas of being different and more appealing than your competition.

Packaging can be a helpful tool in achieving that objective. The example of John Masters proves it. The company has constructed boxes that fit two bottles of cosmetics.

Each box includes a window so that the products are nicely presented.

John Masters packaging Packhelp

Then, these boxes were designed in a “localised” manner. Two boxes - one for New York and one for London - were embellished with sketched drawings of the city’s landmarks (Statue of Liberty and Big Ben).

The Christmas edition of John Masters boxes is a nice blend of minimalism and elegance. The deep brown color might be quite unusual choice, but it’s paired up with gold - one of the leading Christmas spirit colors.

The graphic design is also relatively simple. The company’s logo is neatly weaved into the layout, while the festivity of the whole project is subtle.

Christmas tailor-made box

Avoid exaggerating

The main outcome for your brand is the toned voice of the entire packaging design of John Masters Organics. One shape and size of the box allows the company to cut costs and build a consistent appearance throughout many markets and sets of products.

At the same time, it’s a great Christmas-themed inspiration. The festive design can be elegant and efficient branding-wise without excessive, colourful graphics - just like the John Masters Organics case.