Luxury Packaging for Events: Lightspeed Summit


While most of the branded boxes serve as a shipping method, many companies like to use occasional packaging solutions during events. One of our partners - Lightspeed - organized a summit in the Netherlands, which focused on the connections between retail and the restaurant industry. As one of the invited guests, Packhelp delivered dark, tailor-made boxes used to store awards for the invitees.

COnference of Packhelp Partner Lighspeed

Partnership with Lightspeed

The Dutch company supports both retailers and restaurant owners by providing them with a complex service. The offer includes a CRM software, management tools and system of integrated payments. Thanks to the partnership with Packhelp, the customers of Lightspeed can easily order branded packaging that supplements their needs.

The event, held in Hague, was dedicated to all of the partners of Lightspeed. The company shared its development plans and invited guest speakers to share their views on the industry trends and news.

"The goal of our yearly Partner Summit is to bring our EMEA partners together and update everyone on our progress and roadmap for the coming year. Next to this, we also use that opportunity to give interactive workshops with Lightspeed and other partners about sales, marketing, acquisition etc. We end the Summit with an award show, dinner and a big party."

- comments Gordon Schuringa from the Marketing team of Lightspeed.

Dark cardboard boxes with hot stamping

Tailor-made boxes

The elegant boxes were used as packaging for the awards given to the invited companies.

Each box was made of darkened cardboard and comprised of two pieces (a bottom and a lid). The inside was specially designed to fit the glass-made trophy. The finish, visible on the surface, was created with the use of gold hot-stamping (the technique of foil-coating that brings a glowy look).

Thanks to all of these additions, the Lightspeed Summit packaging perfectly grasped the premium character of the event.

Lighspeed Summit winners holding a dark cardboard box

An elegant souvenir

Since each box was a part of the whole award show, these elegant containers became a lovely souvenir for each of the guests.

This is one of the benefits of using packaging in an event. Whenever it’s a wine given in a branded box, a gadget or some other item, these boxes create memories and bring branding forward. That's how Gordon Schuringa explained his vision of the packaging:

"I wanted to make sure the boxes had a luxury and minimal look. I chose the black because the awards in the boxes were glass with engravings. When you open the box you would see the engravings but not the glass."


Lighspeed Summit