Boxes for onboarding: Move Closer


Move Closer software house chose full color mailer boxes with an additional matt foil. In this instant, however, the boxes were not meant to be shipped, but to welcome new employees on board. Inside, one could find a t-shirt with the brand’s logo, a mug, keycard to the office, business cards and a set of markers. We’re saying “yes” to such a greeting!

custom boxes

Move Closer is a software house, which offers a complex service to its customers, including digital consulting, UX/UI experience and software development. The company likes to advertise itself as a “digital concierge at your service”.

As a part of their recruitment process, Move Closer decided to order cardboard boxes and use them for onboarding. Each of the boxes included a whole package of gifts - a t-shirt, a mug, a business card, an entrance card and a highlighter. If you would see the office of Move Closer, the employees adapted the boxes, which still decorate some of their desks.

Welcome packs are a great way to accommodate new employees

The box outer design was all black, with the company’s logo placed on top. The interior, however, was made specifically to present the gifts in an elegant and comfortable manner. Onboarding boxes can include a multitude of items - make sure that the design is unusual enough, so that your employees are encouraged to reuse them - even as a storage on their desks.