Branded coffee packaging: Coffee Republic


Coffee Republic is a popular roasting plant widely acclaimed for plantation choice and beans selection. The extraordinary blends are available both in the roasting plant and online. In both instances, coffee is packed into eco mailer boxes that refer to gunny and sisal sacks used to transport coffee beans.

coffee republic

Those, who enjoy a cup of coffee every morning, will probably know how big is the variety of types available in the market. Coffee, similarly to tea, has successfully become a type of “collection” item. Coffee Republic specializes in choosing the best coffee beans and selling them online, as well as providing them to cafes and restaurants.

“Coffee beans travel thousands of kilometers from various regions of the world, go through the hands of hundreds of industry experts, before they finally reach the roasting plant. Our dedication is to roast the beans with the highest precision”.

The mission of this Warsaw-based plant is to bring only the best coffee. The regions that you can find in the range of products include blends from Kenya, Costa Rica, Peru and El Salvador.

product box

Gunny inspiration from Coffee Republic

The boxes of Coffee Republic have been a reference to the sisal sacks that are used to ship coffee worldwide. The company has ordered Eco Mailer Boxes with a black imprint. The design included copy printed on the top of the box, as well as coffee machine symbols on every side. The kraft carton was a perfect choice to emphasize the minimalist, natural character of the product