Kraft product boxes: POLŪ Eco Products


A brand inspired by fighting against pollution. Say goodbye to plastic cups and hello to Polū’s bamboo fibre cups. With sustainability at the core of this brand, kraft packaging became their packaging of choice.

Read their story below.

white kraft packaging of eco polu products by packhelp

A small brand with a big message

Polu was founded by two friends from Australia - Travis, an IT specialist and Carl, a packaging designer. After years of travelling all over the world, these two mates acquired tremendous experience that led them to start their brand, Polu Eco Products. 

Part of their inspiration came from getting to know beautiful places, meeting inspiring people, and collecting unforgettable memories. Unfortunately, a great part of their inspiration also came from seeing the enormous amounts of plastic waste being produced worldwide. From the Pacific Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, the amount of unrecyclable trash was quite depressing to see.

That is why Carl and Travis decided that they needed to do their part to start tackling this problem, and creating a sustainable brand was a way to do it.  They believed that a small action can have a great impact.

This inspired Carl and Travis to tackle the plastic problem caused by single-use cups and created an alternative a bamboo fibre reusable cup.

packaging by polu - reusable bamboo cups

Reusable cups in sustainable kraft packaging

Reusable cups in sustainable kraft packaging by Polu

The products offered by Polu Eco Products are currently a set of reusable, ethically sourced and sustainable coffee cups. The cups are made from bamboo fibres and constitute an alternative to plastic containers used in cafes and restaurants with a takeaway option.

Each one of them is sterile and free from phthalate (a substance added to plastics that increases their flexibility and durability but is also hazardous to health).

Bamboo is also both solid and light. It makes up for one of the most easily regenerative natural materials. That’s why Travis and Carl decided to use it as their main resource in the production process. It’s durable and sturdy, free from harmful substances, and of course, environmentally friendly.

packaging by polu - eco boxes with white imprint

Polu Eco Products contacted Packhelp to collaborate with them on a special type of packaging. The company needed a sustainable packaging solution, so the natural choice was a packaging made from recycled, corrugated cardboard.

The kraft boxes of their choice was the White-on-Kraft Miler Box. It is made from 90% recycled cardboard. This natural kraft packaging embodied everything Polū needed for a stylish and sustainable packaging solution.

The imprint, however, was a bit of a novelty.

Carl decided that the colour of natural kraft packaging would be perfectly matched by the chalk-white imprint, performed with eco-friendly, water-based ink. Thanks to Carl’s experience in packaging design, the cardboard boxes combine a contemporary aesthetic and functionality.

Their choice of Kraft packaging became a great way to showcase they’re already amazing products.

This design-driven approach is proven by the patterns printed on the cups too. They vary from simple unicolour variants (black and turquoise) to cheerful, floral patterns.

black reusable cup and packaging by polu eco products

Finally, a part of Polu Eco Products’ mission of having. Positive impact around the world is a collaboration with AccesSurf. This is a Hawaiian foundation that helps people with disabilities make their dream of surfing and doing other water sports come true.

Every bamboo cup is, therefore, a way of making somebody’s dream come true.

A brand aware of its own mission

Luckily, more and more brands like Polu Eco Products are being created worldwide. The truth of the matter is, being environmentally friendly is becoming more than just a trend. Our planet needs to see a change, and Travis and Carl were some of the early birds to realise this and led them to create an incredibly eco-eco-conscious brand with stylish and functional products that can be used every day.

By changing just one habit - like switching from plastic to bamboo fibre - you help the environment. And the kraft packaging, designed from eco-friendly materials and inks, cements these eco-aware efforts of Carl and Travis.