Sustainable branded packaging: Paima


Païma is a natural cosmetics brand that offers skincare to all types of skin.

Created by Marine, today we got to know how her own passion for skincare and how this led her to create her own online cosmetics brand.

Being your own target customer

Before Marine ever began her journey with Païma, she was a normal girl with normal skin problems. One to take care of herself, she tried different products, creams and methods, in a rollercoaster of routines.

Yet she never seemed to find the right one for her skin.

Not until she discovered natural products.

natural cosmetics from paima

Realising how processed products and common creams were full of ingredients that were harmful to her health and the environment, Marine began a journey to find the best natural skin care solution.

She also discovered the art of Japanese layering. And when she mixed this with all-natural products, it did the trick.

“I changed everything to switch to natural products. I discovered Japanese layering, a cleansing and facial care routine, adopted it and got a neat, healthy and comfortable skin back”, says Marine.

Païma: More than just a brand

After discovering the power of Japanese layering, Marine wanted to share this knowledge with others.

But she realised that natural cosmetics were not as openly received as other cosmetics.

This is when Païma was born.

skin care layering kits by paima

Through Païma, Marine would communicate the benefits of Japanese layering and natural cosmetics so others can begin adopting the technique.

And to make things even more appealing, accessible and simple, she created layering kits.

Païma offers layering kits for every skin type. The ritual consists of 6 steps: make-up removal, cleansing, tonic lotion, moisturiser, nourishing care, eye contour care.

Each layering kit consists of 6 products that are necessary to follow the 6 steps. They also include a batch of 6 washable make-up removing wipes and washing nets, and a short layering guide, all packed into a pretty organic cotton bag.

"Our products are raw and gentle, they provide deep skincare by only bringing the best."

Sustainable values and branded packaging

It comes as no surprise that the brand values of Païma go beyond the products.

When it came to packaging, sustainable solutions were a must.

paima layering kits in eco mailer boxes

Païma supports natural solutions, and questions consumerism and unnecessary waste. In essence, they needed to transmit this in every area of their brand.

In terms of their brand logo, they use a simple image, where the brand’s name stands out with the use of Kraft.

This natural and rustic style shows that the brand is sustainably driven from the get-go.

And when it came to their choice of packaging, Packhelp’s Eco Mailer Boxes were ideal.

This custom packaging solution is made from 90% recycled Kraft and printed on water-based inks.

The box’s sturdy construction is also ideal for shipping. The three-layered corrugated Kraft keeps products safe.

eco mailer boxes from paima

Get your own custom Eco Mailer Boxes here.

For Païma, their Eco Mailer Boxes were used as part of their brand.

Marine uses her custom packaging as a gift box option for Païma’s layering kits. She also plans to use them for special holidays, like Christmas.

COVID-19 and the future of Païma

Marine has also identified how the current year has created a new market gap and opportunity for Païma.

As face coverings are part of the new norm, she’s discovered how face masks have the potential of worsening people’s skin.

As a result, Marine is developing a range of face masks that help complete their skincare routine.