Subscription box packaging: This Box Rocks


This Box Rocks is a Scottish initiative to make gifts look superb, crisp and - vegan - all at the same time. The company offers a selection of beautiful boxes, each one containing several unique items (including a range of fine alcohols). With various designs used, all of these Full Color Mailer Boxes prove to be a fantastic choice for an e-commerce brand.

bespoke boxes

Everybody loves gifts - especially when these gifts are beautifully packaged. “Eeny Weeny Espresso Martini”, vegan sweets or a must-have for the whiskey enthusiasts - those are the kind of products that win the hearts of This Box Rocks’ customers.

Each box is a carefully composed gift. While some of them contain spirits (wine, whiskey or gin), others meet the expectations of coffee or tea fans. Other than that, the recipients might find mugs, coffee beans, cocktail-making tools and other tremendous things to bring a smile.

“Ever got a gift and said "Ah, you really shouldn’t have..."? Ever meant it? Wait, did someone say it to YOU? THIS BOX ROCKS is the opposite of that: Top-quality, USEFUL, locally-sourced wherever possible gifts that look freaking amazing. Life’s too short for thoughtless gifts.”


The cheerful product wouldn’t be the same without the company of Full Color Mailer Boxes manufactured by Packhelp. Each design corresponds to the particular set from the product range. The projects printed on the boxes flourish with creativity - there are artistic sketches, floral elements and catchy texts that all together create a unique design. On top of that comes the fact that each box is finished with the matt foil, which gives them a smooth look.

The packaging of This Box Rocks emphasizes the fun part of the product, but it also constitutes an element of building the whole company's image and culture. It's branding done right.