Packaging for Events: Restaurant Week


Celebrities and influencers happily take part in this event – they receive invitations delivered to them in a stylish full color mailer box. Apart from the invitation, the box is filled with small gifts from festival’s organizers and partners.

Martini packaging

Restaurant Week is an innovative initiative, organized once a year in more than 30 cities in Poland at the same time. The organizers of the culinary festival aim at presenting what’s best in the local gastronomy offer in each of these places. As found on the website,

“The objective of the festival is to present the development of the Polish restaurants industry, as well as encourage people to spend more time in restaurants”.

The organizers of the cyclical festival invite the restaurants of their choice to participate. Therefore, Restaurant Week guarantees only the highest standard of culinary journeys. Apart from that, Restaurant Week supports the culture of eating together and socializing while trying what the city’s restaurants have to offer.

Restaurant week

A box instead of a letter?

Restaurant Week depicts an idea of using a box in an event-based business. Even small gifts packed in a stunning box are a souvenir that enriches the experience of the client. As you can see in our gallery, Restaurant Week has ordered boxes more than once and each design was different. The dark blue boxes looked elegant and served as a fancy way to invite the guests to the festival. The alternate version was a floral inspiration, which provided the same details concerning the event. They have both successfully replaced traditional invitation letters, providing a unique experience.