Designing Wedding Boxes: Onka


All of the future newlyweds dream of a wedding that they will remember their whole life. It's a magical day that requires months of preparation and attention to many details - like personalized invitations, the right music, place etc. After the struggles with organizing her own wedding, Weronika Olszewska - the founder of Onka - decided to find her niche in the wedding industry. She creates handcrafted invitations, stationery and family portraits that are all packed in White Cardboard Mailer Boxes.

personalized wedding boxes by Onka

Weronika established Onka as an answer to the experiences she had while planning a wedding. She's been to multiple wedding trade fairs, but couldn't find a solution she had on mind. As a graphic designer and illustrator herself, she saw a niche that she could easily fit in.

"The idea of a wedding-related business was born when I planned that day for myself. I was looking for a job as an illustrator back then and I noticed that there weren't any personalized invitations services. I figured that starting such a business would be a good idea. I started designing invitations based on individual quotes, mostly with illustrations I drew. After a while, I also added stationery and portraits - all handmade."


wedding boxes by Onka

A job that brings joy

The wedding organizing business is on one foot in happiness and one foot in stress. Various people bring their opinions, different visions clash. Nonetheless, Weronika sees that as an exciting part of her job, which eventually brings a lot of warmth and satisfaction among everyone involved.

"The atmosphere in this business is really nice. I'm involved in creating the most beautiful day in someone else's life! My clients are always happy and excited to see the result of my work. They help me get inspired too. It's soul-stirring to turn visions into reality, consult and suggest the best solutions - it's turning items like stationery into beautiful memories."

The wedding boxes, souvenirs and invitations, designed by Weronika, carry a tremendous sentimental value too.

"I draw family portraits, which are often used as a thank-you gift for parents. Thanks to that, I get the chance to listen to stories of various people, and they are often very moving."


wedding boxes by Onka

Wedding boxes - a designing challenge

The founder of Onka decided to use wedding boxes in the form of personalized Eco White mailer boxes. The result is a packaging solution created in a very meticulous way.

"The wedding boxes were designed in a way that would reflect the concept of Onka, my brand. I used a floral pattern in my design, with black symbols of flowers sprinkled across the whole box. Flowers are a genuine symbol of a wedding, and that's why I used them. The print itself is based on handmade drawings - it's a nod towards the handmade products inside!"


wedding boxes by Onka

The delicate pattern, printed on the whole surface of Onka's wedding boxes, evokes a very positive attitude. By using the white colour - also very much related to weddings - the whole project beams with positive energy.

However, as Weronika explains, the boxes design had to be universal too.

"Each and every one of the projects I work on is different. That inspired me to come up with a packaging design that would instantly bring a positive vibe, but also allow me to personalize it further. The white mailer boxes are perfect because they fit even the most colourful invitations and stationery products. All of my boxes are decorated with tissue paper, ribbons and stickers and the white colour with the black imprint is a great background."

The wedding boxes made by Weronika are also "armoured" with a special element of the design, that she came up with.

"I hid a special gift of my own for every newlywed couple. Every box includes a rectangular part that can be cut out. In that way, the box can be used to store envelopes given by the guests."


personalized wedding boxes by Onka

Wedding boxes - design according to the industry's needs

Onka shows an attitude, where a service is perfectly matching the needs of the industry. The product is highly personalized and allows the customer to share their vision. When it comes to the packaging design, Onka used wedding boxes to have a universal element for all of the customers. The boxes, however, can be still personalized too.