Plain Shipping Box

Sturdy boxes made from recycled cardboard. Designed for shipping bulked goods or very large items.
Fast delivery

Fast delivery

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High-quality shipping

High-quality shipping

Durable boxes reinforced with double flaps for safe shipping.


Made from recycled cardboard. Fully recyclable.


Available sustainable options:

When exposed to light, air, moisture and microbes, this product breaks down to natural elements found in nature.
Locally manufactured in Europe, meaning a lower transportation footprint compared to goods produced and imported from abroad.
Contains no petroleum-based plastics.
Can be broken down and used as a new material.
Contains at least 60% of recycled materials.
Safe delivery & durability in a super easy-to-store & handle shipping box


  • a multi-functional box well suited for transport, shipment, warehousing, storing, and object segregation;


  • comes unfolded and takes up little space, which allows for easy stacking and storing; 


  • a cost-effective, tear-resistant, and easy-to-handle box, offering protection of shipped goods against damage.
Psi Bufet went green to meet a technical challenge and cut production costs by 67%.

See how Packhelp assisted the dog food supplier by:

  • Developing a thermal shipping box with 100% recycled cardboard insulation
  • Minimising packaging volume and costs per unit with a space-optimised design
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Designed for heavy-weight freights

Ensure the safe delivery of bulk goods with our cardboard design, featuring double flaps. This design effectively absorbs shocks, safeguarding the contents inside.

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Eco-friendly choice

Produced from recycled cardboard. Fully recyclable too. It’s a high-performance product made with all-natural materials. Perfect to meet your brand’s eco-friendly standards.


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Sample packs

Sample packs

Try before you buy. Select up to 8 samples for 5€ and test different types of packaging, materials and sizes. Order a sample pack and get your money back with your first order.
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Testliner 380g flute B; (K020 - Testliner 580g flute BC) (PAP 20)
Material colour
Natural Kraft
Colour options
Printing process


Can you make a custom size of a Plain Shipping Box?

Custom sizes of Plain Shipping Boxes are available with a minimum order quantity is 1500 pieces. Please fill out the brief form on our website to buy custom sizes.

How solid is the Plain Shipping Box?

Super-solid! Plain Shipping boxes are the most solid ones in our whole offer. They are made with thick and durable test liner, a product that consists of three layers of cardboard that intertwine for increased strength. Thanks to this complex material, you can rest assured that your products will remain intact during transport.  

Do these shipping boxes come with any sealing options?

Afraid not. These boxes are sealed with packing tape, like our Packaging Tape or Kraft Tape. But if you’re looking for a delivery box with self-adhesive strips, check out our E-commerce Delivery Box.

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