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Plain Shipping Box

Sturdy boxes made from recycled cardboard. Designed for shipping bulked goods or very large items.
Recommended by our customers

Recommended by our customers

Tried for safe delivery by numerous brands.
High-quality shipping

High-quality shipping

Produced from corrugated cardboard. Can ship up to 20 kg.
packhelp-icon-recycled content
packhelp-icon-recycled content


Made from recycled cardboard. Fully recyclable.
Safe shipping of bulk goods
Corrugated cardboard
Highly durable cardboard. Corrugated with three layers (single flute). Made from a min. 70% recycled content and fully recyclable.

Corrugated cardboard

Highly durable cardboard. Corrugated with three layers (single flute). Made from a min. 70% recycled content and fully recyclable.

Designed for heavy-weight freights

Safe delivery of bulked goods is at your reach. Corrugated cardboard with a single or double flute provides cushioning for products inside. Don’t risk damages and choose a packaging solution that guarantees safety.

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Eco-friendly choice

Produced from recycled cardboard. Fully recyclable too. It’s a high-performance product made with all-natural materials. Perfect to meet your brand’s eco-friendly standards.

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Sample packs

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Plain Shipping Box - custom packaging - Packhelp

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Corrugated Cardboard - B (three layers) / EB (five layers)
Material colour
Natural Kraft
B (450-480gsm/ca. 2.5mm) | EB (ca. 620gsm/5mm)
Colour options
Printing process


Can you make a custom size of a Plain Shipping Box?

Custom sizes of Plain Shipping Boxes are available through our Packhelp Plus service. A minimum order quantity is 1500 pieces. In order to get a quote, please fill the “Get a quote”  form on our website.

How solid is the Plain Shipping Box?

Super-solid! Plain Shipping boxes are actually most solid ones in our whole offer. They are made with thick and durable corrugated cardboard. For most of the sizes we use a five-layer flute EB, with a thickness of around 5 mm, and the grammage of 660g/m2. Therefore, you can rest assured that your products will remain intact during the transport.  

What is the maximum capacity of a Plain Shipping Box?

Our biggest Plain Shipping Box, K200, has a capacity of 240 litres. It can fit up to 400 mailer boxes F23, or 56 mailer boxes F52.

Do these shipping boxes come with any sealing options?

No, afraid not. These boxes are designed to be sealed with packing tape, like our Packaging Tape or Kraft Tape. But if you’re looking for a delivery box with self-adhesive strips, check out our E-commerce Delivery Box.

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