Printed Cotton Bags

Printed tote bags made from a choice of organic cotton or recycled textiles – function and branding that speaks volumes about your eco mission.
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Minimum 500 pieces.
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Recycled & Organic
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Recycled & Organic

Materials made from a choice of organic cotton or recycled textiles.
Eco-friendly Printing

Eco-friendly Printing

Top quality Pantone prints using phthalate-free inks.
Multiple Use

Multiple Use

Can be used for various products & functions – and more than once.

Multi-purpose. Multi-use.

On the high street, online or at events, use these carrier bags for all types of products, brands and applications – over and over again. Not just in-store retail. Great for corporate events and subscription packaging.

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Green to the last thread.

Only certified recycled or organic here. Your organic cotton bags are backed by OEKO-TEX® certification, while the recycled option is produced according to the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS). Water-based inks with GOTS certification are also available upon request.

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Organic cotton / recycled textiles
Material color
Natural grey
Natural white
150g organic cotton / 150g recycled textiles
Color options
Printing process
Screen printing
Phthalate-free paints / water inks (upon request)
Standard (38x41cm) or custom

A tote bag made from “recycled textiles” means that the material has been produced from a mix of would-be waste materials that have been broken down and re-processed to produce new material. These waste materials include used clothes, off-cuts from the production of garments, recycled yarn, regenerated fabrics and even PET bottles. By extending the lifecycle of textiles, we can help to reduce the environmental impact arising from the resource-intensive production of raw materials like cotton. On average, it takes 10,000 litres of water to produce one kilogram of cotton. The production of our tote bags is authorised and audited by the Textile Exchange organisation based on the global Recycled Claim Standard (RCS).

The organic cotton used in these tote bags has been produced from plant-based raw materials that have been cultivated according to strict organic agricultural standards. This means the removal of artificial inputs from the production process, such as toxic chemicals, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), inorganic fertilizers, pesticides and antibiotics. On a broader level, it involves a commitment to a type of production that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people through the use of natural processes. A mix of age-old farming techniques and modern science goes into upholding these standards and promoting the most efficient production methods. Organic materials require careful packaging and proper markings/labels featuring certification codes. These tote bags are manufactured as per the ECO PASSPORT certificate established, administered and controlled by the international textiles standards organisation, OEKO-TEX®.

Printed cotton bags tick multiple boxes for various applications and products. First up, they are multiple-use carrier bags used in brick-and-mortar shops, selling everything from clothing & accessories to electronics, groceries and much more. The long lifecycle not only makes them an eco-friendly alternative to single-use bags but also ensures that your branding printed on your tote bags remains in circulation for longer. For this same reason, they’re also great for in-store promotions and give-aways, as well as gift packaging for events and corporate conferences. You can also include them in subscription box packaging.

Cotton bags and tote bags are essentially the same thing. They’re just different names favoured in different industries and parts of the world. It’s in the materials where our bags differ. These tote bags are made from either organic cotton or recycled textiles. So, they could be called organic cotton bags or recycled tote bags. You take your pick.

First, your options begin with materials and colours. Choose either the natural grey tote bag made from recycled textiles or the natural white option made from organic cotton. High-quality screen printing in Pantone (phthalate-free ink) will cover all your branding needs. As add-ons, you can also request sewn internal or external pockets and bespoke tags. There are even more options with the organic cotton bags. You can add internal linings or order your bags in other colours from the Pantone palette.

Sizing is customizable for these tote bags. But there is also a standard size available, which is 38x41cm. The handle is 63cm long for both types of materials.

You can order your tote bags from 500 pieces per order.

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