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Using Packhelp’s online designer, you can create and order custom packaging that meets Royal Mail’s standard dimensions for pip boxes; including large letters, small parcels and medium parcels.

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Design your Royal mail packaging, pip boxes, letter and parcel packaging like this:


Simply pick your type of box that meets either Large Letter or Small Parcel dimensions.


Customise your Royal Mail packaging with our intuitive drag and drop online software.


Place your order for as little as 30 pieces and take delivery in as little as 10 working days!

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Royal Mail Large Letter packaging

Max size: L 35.3 x W 25 x T 2.5 cm

Max weight: 700 g

Size description: Royal Mail Large Letter is the ideal dimensions for sending a book, flyers, marketing material, clothing accessories or a number of documents. Large letter dimensions allow you to send a package up to 2,5cm in thickness – this means that you can send a box or a large envelope.

Packhelp size: F46 L 19.4 x W 24.5 x T 2.2cm


Royal Mail Small Parcel packaging

Max size: L 45 x W 35 x T 16 cm

Max weight: 2 kg

Size description: Royal Mail Small parcels are great for sending clothing, shoes and many other products. If you’re an ecommerce seller, there’s every chance that your product will fit into a Royal Mail Small Parcel.

Packhelp size: F93 L 33.9 x W 44 x T 15.9cm

Royal Mail Pricing

Royal Mail Large Letter Prices
Format and max measurements
Max Weight
1st Class
2st Class
Large Letter
35.3cm long
25cm wide
2.5cm thick
Max Weight
1st Class
2st Class
Royal Mail Small Parcel Prices
Format and max measurements
Max Weight
1st Class
2st Class
Small Parcel
45cm long
35cm wide
16cm thick
Max Weight
1st Class
2st Class
1 kg
2 kg

Bespoke Pip boxes and Royal Mail Packaging.

If you’re an ecommerce business, shipping is a cost that’s important to keep down. By using packaging that meets Royal Mail’s standard sizes, you can do exactly that, while leveraging the unique branding opportunities that custom packaging creates.

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Design your own packaging online.

Designing custom packaging has never been easier. With Packhelp’s online designer, you can start with a blank canvas or pick from a wide range of customisable patterns. All of which are printed on a box that meets Royal Mail’s standard sizes.

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Make your packaging work for you.

Turn your packaging into a unique feature that your customers recognise. Whether its a simple cardboard box with your logo on it or a highly-detailed design, custom packaging leaves a great first impression.

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