Eco Padded Mailer

Paper padded envelopes are the perfect eco alternative to bubble envelopes – fully recyclable & customizable with solid protection for your goods.
Easy branding

Easy branding

Add your logos, social media icons or campaign messages. All with top quality prints.
Eco alternative

Eco alternative

Made from 100% recycled paper. The whole envelope is fully recyclable.
Innovative design

Innovative design

Special ribbed paper cushioning layered with durable & water-resistant paper. Plus, a peel-and-seal strip included.


Available sustainable options:

Can be broken down and used as a new material.
Locally manufactured in Europe, meaning a lower transportation footprint compared to goods produced and imported from abroad.
Contains no petroleum-based plastics.
Happy planet, happy customer
  • 100% paper-based. Reuse it or throw the whole envelope in with your standard paper recycling
  • Perfect for books, magazines, office supplies, electronics, multimedia items and even clothing

Eco-friendly protection at its best.

Lightweight and durable, the secret is found in the multi-layer design. A durable and water-resistant outer layer combines with the special ribbed padding to make a secure cushion around your goods. With 7 sizes and custom printing, they have become the go-to mailers for books, magazines, office supplies, small electronics, multimedia items and even clothing.

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Happy planet, happy customer

The beauty is in its simplicity. The eco padded mailer is made entirely of recycled paper. This makes recycling a cinch for your customer. No need to struggle with ripping away plastic bubble lining. After use, they can simply toss the envelope in with their usual paper recycling.

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Sample packs

Sample packs

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Available materials

Ribbed Paper Padding

Eco-friendly protection at its best. A durable and water-resistant outer layer of 100% recycled paper (90 gsm) combined with special ribbed paper padding. 100% recyclable.


Available materials

Ribbed Paper Padding

Eco-friendly protection at its best. A durable and water-resistant outer layer of 100% recycled paper (90 gsm) combined with special ribbed paper padding. 100% recyclable.

Recycled paper
Material colour
Manila (brown)
90 gsm (outer layer)
Colour options
CMYK (Screen printing) | Pantone (Flexo)
Printing process
Screen or Flexographic printing
Sizes (outer dimensions)
165 x 215mm, 185 x 175mm, 235 x 265mm, 235 x 340mm, 285 x 360mm, 315 x 445mm or 365 x 470mm


What print options do I have?

It depends on your order quantity. Screen printing in CMYK is available for smaller orders, while flexographic printing is more cost-effective for orders above 10,000 units. Both options allow you to print on either one side or both in multiple colours. But keep in mind that you can only print with a maximum of two colours with flexographic printing and that the colours need to be the same on both sides.

What sizes are available?

There are seven sizes to choose from:

  • 165 x 215 mm (outer) | 145 x 215 mm (inner)
  • 185 x 175 mm (outer) | 165 x 175 mm (inner)
  • 235 x 265 mm (outer) | 215 x 265 mm (inner)
  • 235 x 340 mm (outer) | 215 x 340 mm (inner)
  • 285 x 360 mm (outer) | 265 x 360 mm (inner)
  • 315 x 445 mm (outer) | 295 x 445 mm (inner)
  • 365 x 470 mm (outer) | 345 x 470 mm (inner)

Can I have my envelopes printed in more than one colour?

Sure. But there are a few things to consider. First up, flexographic printing is only available with two print colours. But regardless of the printing method, we recommend sticking to a maximum of 2-3 colours. The outer paper layer is designed to be durable and one byproduct is that the surface is not as smooth as standard paper. This complicates things when it comes to printing. Plus, print colours on dark backgrounds, like the brown here, can appear not as sharp. Less intricate designs and muted tones work best on these envelopes.

What’s the print area?

The print area depends on the envelope size. Here’s a list of sizes and their respective print areas for each side:

  • Size: 165 x 215 mm (outer) | Print area: 125 x 195 mm
  • Size: 185 x 175 mm (outer) | Print area: 125 x 115 mm
  • Size: 235 x 265 mm (outer) | Print area: 215 x 255 mm
  • Size: 235 x 340 mm (outer) | Print area: 215 x 330 mm
  • Size: 285 x 360 mm (outer) | Print area: 250 x 340 mm
  • Size: 315 x 445 mm (outer) | Print area: 270 x 423 mm
  • Size: 365 x 470 mm (outer) | Print area: 310 x 453 mm

Will address labels stick to these paper padded mailers?

Yes. The durable outer layer paper has just the right texture for labels to firmly adhere to the surface.

Do these mailers come with an adhesive strip?

Sure. All our padded envelopes include an easy peel-and-seal adhesive strip.

Are these envelopes padded on both interior sides?

Yes. Our paper padded envelopes are sandwiched with padding on the bottom and top interior layers.

Are these paper padded envelopes waterproof?

The outer layer is water-resistant but not waterproof. That means that the envelopes can take some rain during transit and your goods should remain dry.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Orders start at 1,500 pieces. The envelopes are delivered by the box with 50 envelopes each, except for the smallest size, which comes in 100 envelopes per box.

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