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Manufacturers that remove toxins and pollutants from the air used during the manufacturing process.

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Manufacturers that remove toxins and pollutants from the air used during the manufacturing process.

Clean Air Policy definition

Every year, more than 7 million people die prematurely [1] as a result of indoor and outdoor air pollution. 

Much of this pollution is attributed to the industrial sector in the form of chemical production and petroleum processing in the form of volatile organic compounds [2] (VOCs). The product from both these processes is used in the manufacturing of packaging materials. 

The clean air policy means that these products are made in a facility that meets or exceeds the requirements outlined in the EU’s Clean Air Programme [3] . These facilities filter VOCs from the air before it’s released back into the environment. Employees use air respirators when they are working around exposed VOCs. 

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Why you should use the clean air policy

Brands may decide to use packaging that comes under the clean air policy if they want their packaging and it’s production process to have as minimal environmental impact as possible. This policy may align with brands that sell products that are based on similar principles. 

A manufacturer that is part of the clean air policy may also use alternative energy sources. This means that the production processes have a smaller environmental footprint compared to other manufacturers. 

The clean air policy also means that employees who work around unhealthy elements such as VOCs are kept safe. 

Why you shouldn’t use the clean air policy

Manufacturers of packaging that has specific add ons, or is made from a specific material may not be part of the policy. 

If a brand has a specific packaging solution in mind, this may force them to use a manufacturer that doesn’t meet this standard. A manufacturer may not be part of this policy if they use air for pneumatic purposes, rather than ventilation and extraction purposes. 

Packhelp and the clean air policy

Packhelp assesses the way all of its manufacturers use and filter the air in their production process. A manufacturer that doesn’t meet these standards, but offers packaging that can’t be found elsewhere, must meet other requirements (such as renewable energy or equal employment) in order to be a Packhelp manufacturer.  

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