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Created in a factory that sources it’s energy from renewable sources.

Created in a factory that sources it’s energy from renewable sources.

Sustainable manufacturer definition

Products with the natural energy resources tag are produced in a factory that generates power using renewable sources such as hydroelectric, solar and wind. These factories may also collect and use greywater where possible. 

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Why you should use sustainable manufacturers

Including environmentally friendly, or at the very least, environmentally conscious manufactures into your supply chain can have a massive impact on the number of carbon emissions emitted in the creation and delivery of your packaging. 

The energy used to make a product has just as much effect on the environment as the material it’s made of. 

A brand may think that it’s doing good by using packaging that is, for example, 100% biodegradable, but not if the energy needed to create that product is astronomically higher than alternatives, and if that energy is sourced from burning fossil fuels. 

By using sustainable manufacturers, a brand can be sure that it’s supporting other companies who are conscious of their emissions and the environment. 

While Poland, where most of our products are produced, isn’t a global leader in renewable energy, it has a diverse range of power sources and is increasing its share of renewable energy sources [1]

Why shouldn’t use sustainable manufacturers

Manufacturers that use sustainable energy may not produce the best packaging solution for a brand’s needs. Manufacturing biodegradable and compostable products are quite energy-intensive, and these production facilities may use energy that’s a product of burning fossil fuels. 

Packhelp and sustainable manufacturers

When researching manufacturing facilities, the energy sources and consumption of their processes is of the utmost importance. 

Packhelp employs an independent surveyor to measure, test and assess where a manufacturer gets its energy from. This information is crucial in deciding whether we cooperate with this manufacturer or not.

Our commitment to sustainable packaging

Go green with Packhelp!

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