Sustainable Packaging: Stripe & Stare


By now you’ve heard of sustainability. Of protecting the environment through the products you purchase. You’ve probably heard of sustainable food and hey, maybe even sustainable packaging. But what about sustainable underwear?

Stripe & Stare is a sustainable underwear brand. Here’s how the company turned to Packhelp to help box up their unique product. 

The Stripe & Stare Story 

Stripe and Stare Mailer Box

In 2017, when friends Katie and Nicola started sustainable fashion company, Stripe and Stare, it came after six years of research into finding the perfect pair of pants.

They wanted to create underwear that was not only as comfortable as possible but that was also sourced by sustainable means.

The result was super-soft underwear made from Tencel. A natural fabric produced in Austria from Beechwood trees, that is three times softer than cotton. As well as using 95% less water to produce.

Not only that but because it is produced from natural fibres, Stripe & Stare’s underwear is entirely compostable.  

Stripe and Stare underwear

Tencel’s production, from sustainable-tree farms, meant that Stripe & Stare could guarantee a sustainable product from start to finish. 

Leading to their website slogan: 'Kind to you. Kind to the planet.'

All they needed now, was the right sustainable packaging to box their product up. That’s when they turned to Packhelp. 

Designing Customised Sustainable Packaging 

When it comes to designing packaging, you need to think about choosing the right product to reflect your brand. Not just in purpose and style, but packaging that also reflects your company's moral values.

For Stripe & Stare, that meant designing packaging that would look great, would reflect the sustainable values of the company and fit through a letterbox.

Katie, one of the founders of the company said,

“I had looked at so many places and found Packhelp to be the only ones offering exactly what we needed.”

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Stripe and Stare Subscription Box

Stripe & Stare ordered Packhelp’s eco-mailer boxes. They’re the perfect fit for eco friendly packaging, as well as being the perfect fit for letterboxes.

The boxes needed to be small as part of Stripe and Stare's Knicker Club. A subscription box service they offer that allows women to get new underwear delivered to them at home.  

“(It was) hard to find narrow options that could go through the letterbox, are eco-minded and offer a clean, simple option, that fits with our brand.”

Using Packhelp’s online editor, Stripe and Stare were able to personalise their boxes and make them unique to their brand.

Design your own Boxes for Subscription 

Stripe and Stare Boxes

They designed their own logo packaging, as well as adding slogans that reflect the company’s sustainable values like, “made from trees with love.” 

 “We are passionate about sustainability and the reason we opted to work with Packhelp is they offered the eco option.”

Katie was impressed that Packhelp’s eco-mailer boxes are made from 90% recycled cardboard. As well as that Packhelp only sources cardboard from responsibly managed forests. 

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Stripe and Stare Mailers stacked

What’s next?

As global conglomerates finally start to make the move towards sustainability, it is the independent companies like Stripe & Stare that are leading the way. The economic shift towards a sustainable future starts with the innovation of companies that come up with fresh ideas.  

To strive for a more eco-friendly everyday life, ideas like sustainable underwear will have to become much more commonplace than they are right now. Which is great news for Stripe & Stare.

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