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Padded Envelopes

Next-gen padded envelopes: greener and stronger with custom sizing, colours and branding.
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Minimum 2000 pieces.
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Locally fabricated, recycled paper & FSC certification.
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icon packhelp - custom packaging


8+ sizes, 7 colours & custom printing.
Safe delivery

Safe delivery

Durable outer layer, padding & water-resistant lining.

Pick, seal and send

With 10+ sizes and 7 colours to choose from, these next-gen padded envelopes will fit just about every flat item and brand message. A peel-&-seal adhesive strip makes shipping a cinch, while the durable padding and water-resistant lining will ensure your goods arrive intact. Perfect for books, magazines, office supplies and small electronics.

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sealing strip on a padded envelope

Eco all the way

Protect your goods and the environment with the 100% paper-based option – SUMO jiffy bags. An innovative lattice design provides all the protection of plastic bubble film. This means the envelope is 100% recyclable, and biodegradable too.

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kraft jiffy bag with print
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Regular (white kraft + bubble foil) / SUMO (100% paper)
Material color
Standard Brown
Standard White
75 gsm
Printing process
Offset or Flexo
Print colours
Outer layer
FSC certified or 100% recycled paper
Plastic bubble film or recycled cardboard
Water-resistant PVA coating
Sizing (Standard)
11/A, 12/B, 13/C, 14/D, 15/E, 16/F, 17/G, 18/H, 19/I, 20/K or CD
Sizing (Eco)
19.5x26.5cm, 36.5x47cm, 23.5x26.5cm, 23.5x34cm, 16.5x21.5cm, 28.5x36cm, 31.5x44.5 cm or CD

It depends on the option you choose for your padded envelopes. Every element of the SUMO option is made from 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable paper. That includes the padding. On the other hand, the Standard option is packed with plastic bubble wrap padding. Unless the bubble wrap is stripped away, most recycling stations will not accept bubble-lined envelopes.

Yes. The high-quality outer layer paper has just the right texture for labels to firmly adhere to the surface.

Sure. All our padded envelopes include an easy peel-and-seal adhesive strip.

Yes, all our padded envelopes come with padding on the bottom and top interior layers.

It depends. All the material options provide a certain level of protection against water. But thanks to the plastic bubble wrap and PVA coated lining, the Standard option provides the highest level of water resistance.

By default, our padded envelopes come with EAN code and FSC logos. You can also order address lines or boxes to be printed on the front or back – not to mention, logos or any other branding.

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