Do not use white colour in Eco and Eco White

In case of Eco and Eco White finish, we only print in black. The shade of black that we recommend is CMYK 100%100%100%100%. Accordingly to your capabilities, we also recommend to use vector elements in your design. They facilitate the print process. If you want to order boxes with a white imprint, please contact us.

Do not change the dieline template during the design process

Our dieline template has been prepared to simplify the process of designing the boxes. We have used the PANTONE colour space in the template and we use CMYK. Hence, you don’t have to worry that the colours will appear in your printed design.

Due to that, we kindly ask not to change the shape and form of the diecut template.

How to design on a dieline?

Click here and learn how to design your boxes straight on a dieline.

Remember about bleeds

If you create tailor-made graphics for the box editor and you want them to occupy the entire surface of a wall, add at least a 10 mm margin (the so-called bleed) on each side. This will help you avoid potential shifts of the box during the production processes which might make the edges of your graphics visible on the wall.

In some cases, you might need to include bleeds in the internal side of the diecut template. It might be required in the space where the wings are placed (although they are not visible after the box is assembled). In this situation, we include a bleed in the graphic design of the visible walls.

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