What is the production time of tissue paper?

The production time of tissue paper is 21 days. If you wish to receive the order earlier, you can use our express production – we will move you up the ladder and the production will be wrapped up in 14 days.

Can I design tissue paper in the online editor?

Yes, you can design custom tissue paper in the online editor. Choose your colour base from the range of 21 variants, add your graphic and order the packaging solution.

What are the colour variants of tissue paper?

Tissue paper is available in 21 different colours that can be used as a colour base. Then, you can add a unicolor graphic as a pattern or as one element. This graphic will be printed in PANTONE.

Can I order a different size of tissue paper?

Unfortunately no, tissue paper only comes in this size. If you are interested in a different size, please reach out to us.

What are the sizes of tissue paper?

Tissue paper is sold in sheets. One sheet of tissue paper measures 500mmx740mm. The minimum order size is 240 sheets.

What is the size of a minimum order for tissue paper?

The tissue paper is sold in batches, with each one including 120 sheets. The minimum size of an order is 240 pieces (2 batches). If you require a smaller quantity, please contact us.

Can I print a logo on tissue paper?

Yes, you can create an imprint with your logo on tissue paper. In our editor, you can choose the colour base (the range includes 21 variants) and then add logo. Moreover, one click will allow you to generate a pattern made from your logo (or other graphic you choose). The pattern will be used on the whole printing surface and you can choose the style of it in the editor as well.

What are the printing options on tissue paper?

Tissue paper can be printed on one side only and in only one colour from the PANTONE colour palette. In the production of printed tissue paper, we use the method of screen printing. We suggest that you use more intense, constrasting colours for the better effect on your tissue paper.

What is tissue paper made from?

Tissue paper is very thin layer of paper with a grammage of 20g/m2. It is used to elegantly pack a product, as well as fill in the empty space in your box. The maximum printing surface on a tissue paper is 20%. This is due to the tissue paper absorbing the paint.

What is tissue paper?

Tissue Paper is a thin layer of paper with a printed design. It’s a supplementary product for your set of boxes, which adds more elegance and branding focus. The grammage of the paper is 20g/m^2. In the online editor, we suggest patterns that you can use to create tissue paper with your logo. All of the imprints are performed in PANTONE and you can choose one of the 21 colours of the base of tissue paper.

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