Do boxes without imprint come with an option of white walls inside?

Unfortunately no. White inside is an option avaiable only in Full Color variant.

Can I choose additional finish options for no print boxes?

Unfortunately no. Such add-ons are only available in our Full Color variant.

How will printing directly on the cardboard influence the color on Eco Color boxes?

Eco Color boxes are printed directly on the whitened cardboard, which minimizes the influence of the grey cardboard color. However, Eco Color boxes will have a less saturated imprint in comparison with Full Color variant. It stems from the fact that the cardboard partially absorbs the paint.

Can I choose additional finish options for Eco Color boxes?

Unfortunately no. Such add-ons are only available in our Full Color variant.

Would you be able to print in an unusual colour?

At Packhelp, we work with CMYK colour palette. An unusual colour will most certainly require using PANTONE space. If you need such a solution in your box design, please see our Packhelp Pro service.

What can be printed inside the product box?

Product boxes can be ordered with the three variants of the interior design. By default we offer them with either white or natural kraft (depends on the base texture you choose). However, you can also order product boxes with a full-color CMYK printed interior. It’s your decision whether you choose a uniform color, a graphic pattern or a hidden message. 🙂

What colour is inside the box?

Mailer and shipping boxes:
By default all interiors are made of brown, natural cardboard.
In case of Full Color mailer boxes we also offer white interior as an add on.

Product boxes:
By default, the interior of the product boxes depends on the base texture you choose. We offer two variants – white and natural kraft. However, you can also order full-color CMYK printed interior with your own pattern. If you design your packaging in the box editor, you can also pick the solid colour of your choice. If you want to design something more advanced than the uniform colour, than use the ‘design on a dieline’ option.

Do you offer other finishing options?

Our online editor allows you to order full color mailer boxes with an extra foil – matt or glossy.

If you need boxes with other types of finishing, such as spot lacquering, hot stamping or Pantone colors, please contact us directly. Perhaps we will be able to help you 🙂

For other types of boxes or other printing variants we do not offer additional finishing options.

Can I order my boxes without an imprint?

Yes! We do not interfere with what you print on your packaging. 🙂

Can I order colourful Eco or Eco White boxes?

No. Eco and Eco White are offered only with black imprint. If you wish to have a colorful imprint with an Eco feeling, please see our Eco Color Mailer boxes!

Do you print boxes in the PANTONE space?

Unfortunately not. We currently make imprints only in the CMYK colours.

What are printing variants?

A printing variant is a term used for the paperboard and print used for in the production of our boxes.

In the case of Mailer Boxes, we can distinguish three printing variants:

  • Eco – a black imprint directly on a grey, natural paperboard.
  • Eco White – a black imprint directly on white-lined paperboard.
  • Eco Color – a colorful imprint (the CMYK pallet) directly on white-lined paperboard.
  • Full Color – a colourful imprint (the CMYK pallet) made on white, laminated paperboard.

Our Product Boxes are available with full CMYK printing and we offer two printing bases – white and natural kraft.

All our Shipping Boxes are made only in the Eco finish standard.


What are add ons?

Add ons refer to all the decorations or protections which can be added to Full Color mailer boxes, offered at an additional charge.

We offer three add ons:

  • Glossy foil– an additional layer on the box protecting it against scratching and crack formation, with a reflective surface that produces a shiny effect. It creates a strong impression of richness and sharpness of colours as well as a high level of contrast.
  • Matt foil– an additional layer on the box protecting it against scratching and crack formation, with a light-absorbing surface that is resistant to fingerprints. It is particularly recommended for designs with pastel and subdued colours.
  • The white inside– using white-lined paperboard inside the box instead of the standard grey one.
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