How to fold product boxes?

Just like Mailer boxes, Product Boxes are sent to you in a stack.

We will first present the folding process of a Two-Piece Product Box.


Your box will come in two separate stacks. One includes the bottom and the second – the lid.

folding product boxes_packhelp_1


Fold the sides of your box accordingly to the bending lines.

folding product boxes_packhelp_2


Focus on the corners of the box – form them into a triangle and place it on the inner part of the folded side.

folding product boxes_packhelp_3


Tuck in the sides of the box. The sides will have a white strap at the end. The longer sides should be folded first – like in the picture below.

Note: Assemble the parallel side while keeping the already assembled part.

folding product boxes_packhelp_4


Repeat the process in the rest of the sides. The same steps will also apply to the lid of the box.

folding product boxes_packhelp_7

Note: To finish the process, press white parts firmly so they are kept tight.


Your box is ready!

folding product boxes_packhelp_8

Classic Product Boxes

The second tutorial presents the assembly process of the Classic Product Boxes.


Your box will arrive in the following form.

folding product boxes_packhelp_9


The trick in the Classic Product Boxes is to correctly fold the bottom. The pictures below show the correct order of the wings to be folded.

folding product boxes_packhelp_10

folding product boxes_packhelp_11


Fold the top of your box and the upper wings afterward. Your box is ready for a delivery.

folding product boxes_packhelp_12

In case you have any questions concerning the assembly process, contact us.

How to fold mailer boxes?

Your Mailer Boxes are shipped to you in a stack. We recommend keeping them that way and fold one at a time.  Read here about the storing tips


This is the interior of your box. The bending lines indicate where your box will be further folded.


Fold the walls at the lines. It will facilitate the next steps.

Note: Do not press the walls at the folding lines with too much strength. The fold angle should not be bigger than 90-degrees.

folding boxes packhelp_2


Every mailer box has double bending lines in two of its walls. If you do not fold the cardboard in those two lines, your box will not be assembled correctly.

folding boxes_packhelp_3


The next step is to assemble the interior walls of your box. We suggest to first fold the walls on the sides, as in the picture.

folding boxes_packhelp_4


Tuck your sides into the interior of the box. The sticking elements should fit into the slit in the bottom of your packaging. 

folding boxes_packhelp_5


Fold the remaining sides of your box. Your wings should fit into the side panels.

folding boxes packhelp_6


Your box is ready for your customers!

folding boxes packhelp_7


A tip for the assembly of Mailer Box F44.

When folding the shorter walls, bend the inner wings like in the photo below. It is crucial for your box to be correctly closed.

folding mailer box f44

If you need any further assistance with the assembly process, contact our team.

Can you assemble my boxes?

We do not offer the service of assembling your boxes and always send them in an unassembled form to save space. If you need help, drop us a line.

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