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What is the strangest question that you have received?

There’s no strange questions – only bad answers.

Who developed your online design tool?

We did! That’s how smart we are at Packhelp.

Are you looking for new employees?

Of course! The updated details  on job offerings can be found in the section “About Us”. Or you can simply write us.


I do not run a business. Can I order your boxes?

Yes! While entering the shipment and payment data at the ordering stage, please select I do not have a VAT EU number.

What is the minimum size of an order?

The minimal size of an order for boxes designed in the box editor is always 30 pieces. In the case of non-standard orders, the minimum size of an order will always be higher. Do you need more details? Contact us.

How should the boxes be stored?

Boxes made of corrugated fibreboard have specific storage requirements to retain their quality and shape. Paperboard is alive. It is produced from paper pulp which is made from vegetable fibres (yes, paperboard is organic!). Its strength and behaviour are influenced by external factors.  To ensure suitable conditions, all that needs to be done is to observe a few recommendations:

  • The right temperature. It is advisable to store the cardboard boxes in the temperature range of 41ºF to 86ºF. Sudden changes in temperature should be avoided in the storage area. The boxes must absolutely be kept away from heat sources (e.g. radiators) and paperboard must also be protected against sunlight.
  • The right humidity. The recommended air humidity level ranges from 30 to 70 percent. Cardboard packaging must be protected from any contact with water. Sudden changes in air humidity are not indicated.
  • Clean and dry surface. We recommend that you store your unassembled boxes on pallets or platforms. It is not recommended to store them directly on the floor.
  • Keeping the protective foil. We always deliver your boxes in foil. It is recommended to retain it until the last box has been used.
  • Open with care!If you use sharp tools to open the foil, take care not to damage the box.
  • Not too light, not too heavy. If you store your boxes unassembled and wish to protect them against deformation, you can press them down with a flat object. Remember! Corrugated fibreboard has got limited strength. Under no circumstances should you place any heavy objects or pallets on unassembled boxes. You should also avoid stacking too many boxes on top of each other.
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