How to fold product boxes?

Just like Mailer boxes, Product Boxes are sent to you in a stack.

We will first present the folding process of a Two-Piece Product Box.


Your box will come in two separate stacks. One includes the bottom and the second – the lid.

folding product boxes_packhelp_1


Fold the sides of your box accordingly to the bending lines.

folding product boxes_packhelp_2


Focus on the corners of the box – form them into a triangle and place it on the inner part of the folded side.

folding product boxes_packhelp_3


Tuck in the sides of the box. The sides will have a white strap at the end. The longer sides should be folded first – like in the picture below.

Note: Assemble the parallel side while keeping the already assembled part.

folding product boxes_packhelp_4


Repeat the process in the rest of the sides. The same steps will also apply to the lid of the box.

folding product boxes_packhelp_7

Note: To finish the process, press white parts firmly so they are kept tight.


Your box is ready!

folding product boxes_packhelp_8

Classic Product Boxes

The second tutorial presents the assembly process of the Classic Product Boxes.


Your box will arrive in the following form.

folding product boxes_packhelp_9


The trick in the Classic Product Boxes is to correctly fold the bottom. The pictures below show the correct order of the wings to be folded.

folding product boxes_packhelp_10

folding product boxes_packhelp_11


Fold the top of your box and the upper wings afterward. Your box is ready for a delivery.

folding product boxes_packhelp_12

In case you have any questions concerning the assembly process, contact us.