What is the difference between Full Color and Eco Color standards?

The main difference is the printing technique (UV for Eco Color boxes). In Eco Color mailer boxes, the imprint is performed directly on the whitened cardboard. In case of Full Color mailer boxes, the imprint is performed on an additional layer of carton (carton GD2 with 180 g/m2 grammage), which is then coated to the cardboard walls of the box. Such technique causes Full Color boxes to have thicker walls and more saturated palette of colours than Eco Color.

Tip: The imprint technique used in Eco Color manufacturing may cause that the cardboard will subtly absorb the paint. This may cause the colours to look little less saturated than in the Full Color version. Additionally, Full Color option includes options for several add-ons – adding matt or glossy foil and changing the colour of the inside of the box to white instead of standard natural. Those additional options are not available in the Eco Color version of mailer boxes.